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  1. Regarding the interview information package, does anyone know if there is a different version for MD/PhD interviews? I just got the package today due to delays in being able to confirm my attendance to a MD/PhD interview, and the package I received is on the MD interview only. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Hopefully I hear back from UofT then! Good luck to everyone!!
  3. Out of curiosity, does anyone here have MD/PhD interviews from both Ottawa and UofT? They happen to both be on Feb. 27th. I emailed Ottawa to inquire about possibly changing the date, but they said that all of the MD/PhD interviews will happen on the 27th. I'm trying to get in touch with UofT to see if they could possible move it. Does anyone happen to know if UofT even has alternate days for the MD/PhD interviews? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi everyone! For anyone applying or have applied to the U of T MD/PhD program or who is/was a grad applicant, could anyone please provide any advice on how to format your academic CV? I know they posted guidelines, but I'm not sure if applicants should be following that exact layout. Alternatively, should we use our own CV format (e.g. add in our address, phone number like a traditional CV for the personal information section) and simply integrate the required headings? Thanks in advance!
  5. For the ABS statements, it's mentioned that you should "identify which item from the ABS you are describing". Does this mean I should include the ABS number as it appears in the list or can I just describe the activity in words? Thanks for your help.
  6. I got a job with the university in September and know what my shift schedule looks like for the first term. However, my first shift doesn't start until early October. Do you think that it would still be okay for me to add it to my OMSAS application under "employment"? If so, how would you suggest that I record the hours? Right now, I have "anticipated # hours". Thanks for your help!
  7. I emailed the University of Toronto about the same situation and this is their response: With verifiers, you must provide the name, address and phone number of at least one contact person (verifier) for each activity that you consider to be of major importance. Either a professor or peer who could verify the activity and timeframes would be fine. It's a tad on the ambiguous side, as I didn't get a straight yes or no. So I guess it's up to your discretion. I think somewhere on OMSAS (maybe in the pdf manual?), they also said that anything which can be verified using a transcript shouldn't
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses! I really appreciate them. I'm torn about it because I'm concern that I'm out of the running for Western with this score and am not too competitive for McMaster. That's why I'm debating if it's worth the work and risk of a rewrite just for one (and maybe two?) school(s).
  9. I'm thinking of rewriting my MCAT in January but would like some insight on whether it's worth doing. Here are my scores: PS-14 VR-10 BS-11 GPA: 3.91 The score is quite unbalanced. I'm from Ontario and plan on only applying to Ontario med schools for now. Thanks for your help!
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