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  1. Need some advice after being rejected pre-interview at Ottawa. I will be graduating this summer with a 3.95+ GPA and my plan was to work during my gap year as I reapply since GPA is not a concern. However, I am working towards improving my ECs and I am concerned about the "during your undergraduate studies" requirement of the ABS. The only reason I would do a 5th year is so that my ECs actually count for Ottawa but at the same time I don't intend on being a full-time student. What would be the best approach to improving my application to Ottawa in such a scenario? Would delaying graduation be
  2. Are there any consequences for selecting a credit/no credit option for a course for any schools in Ontario apart from the fact that there will be no grade for the class to be used in the GPA? I have looked into this on each school's website but just need some confirmation from my fellow premeds. Don't want to make a mistake in my senior year but there is a course that I don't see myself getting an A in and don't want to risk it if possible to just pass/fail it.
  3. Well, the question does ask for explanations for course withdrawals so you most likely do need to explain it, especially since your reason is not related to academic difficulties with the course (i.e. you were not bound to fail when you dropped the course). Although I am sure you know this, just word it more eloquently than it being a "dumb decision"
  4. One more question as I edit these essays. As I am cutting them down, it seems as though my paragraphing seems forced: i.e. 250 words simply does not seem enough to write good intro and conclusion lines for multiple paragraphs while sufficiently covering all content. As such, would it be better to have one large well-flowing paragraph? Or because these are termed "essays", they should be structured as such? Thank you for your help, premed101!
  5. Thanks for your input This, in my opinion, is the hardest essay out of all 4.
  6. I may be overthinking this but could someone help with their interpretation of what type of scenario is being described in the question? I have come up with a number of examples but as soon as I reread the question, I feel like I may not have interpreted it correctly. Does "direct intervention" refer to an immediate in-the-moment type of response? Thank you for any help. This question has been giving me trouble for quite a while now!
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