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  1. No, there is only 1 interview day. This year it falls on Saturday, November 5th. Please refer to https://www.med.mun.ca/admissions/home.aspx for more information on the interview process at MUN.
  2. Sorry to hear that you didn't get an interview invite. MUN offers unsuccessful applicants an opportunity to discuss how to improve their application for the next cycle, if you are interested. To everyone else reading this thread, remember that applying is never a waste of money as suggested by this applicant. The competition varies year to year based on the applicant pool. Please don't allow another applicant's bitter (and untrue) analysis of the admissions committee's process discourage you. Taken from the Admissions Requirement section of the MUN website for the medicine program (htt
  3. Hey thehulk, Sorry to hear you're feeling frustrated - I know the feeling. I was accepted on my fourth application cycle. Have you tried meeting with admissions for insight? Memorial allows unsuccessful applicants to make an appointment for feedback on how to improve their application (not sure which other schools offer this). Which province are you from? OOP/International pools are always more competitive, so while a 3.9 GPA and 34 MCAT are impressive, they are probably average for these competitions. I wish I could say something that didn't sound so cliche, but honestly, keep your he
  4. I don't think they grant deferrals for academic purposes. There are many successful applicants accepted to medical school who are not finished their graduate degrees. Some choose to finish them concurrently, some do not. If you'd like to finish yours before medical school I'd probably suggest holding off on your application until next year.
  5. I believe approximately 250 applicants are interviewed. The day is split into a morning and afternoon group. The interview is made up of two parts: The traditional interview (panel of 2 interviewers will ask you questions for approximately 30 minutes), and the MMI portion (8 multiple mini interview stations, which may include one or more "acting" stations). The morning and afternoon groups are further split into two groups (half will do traditional first, other half will do their MMI first). There are even further divisions of groups for each portion of the interview (ie. there are multiple "t
  6. I think it's something like 3 candidates per seat of each pool (ie. if there are 57 NL seats they'd invite ~170 from NL pool for an interview, likewise, if there are 10 NB seats they'd invite ~40 for interviews). Can't confirm this with 100% certainty though, sorry.
  7. I'd be surprised if they weren't sent out either tomorrow or Monday.
  8. Stay away from contractions, it looks juvenile and unprofessional. Less is more - the committee does not want to hear you ramble. However, reducing the amount of words you're using should not take away from what you are trying to say. My advice is to write out what you want to say, without counting characters. See where you're at, how much you need to trim, and edit/re-word/move things around. Have someone look over it for you and make suggestions. Keep working at it until you've ensured that you're saying what you want to say in a clear and coherent manner (and of course, you're within the ch
  9. As far as I know, there is no 'cut-off' for MCAT scores that prevents applications from being reviewed in their entirety (anyone else with more insight on this can correct me if I'm wrong). That being said, the OOP pool is extremely competitive, and with a 32 you'll just have to make sure you're competitive with the GPA, EC's and essay portions of the application (32 is a great score, however you should be prepared for tough competition considering the ratio of number of applicants to number of seats available in the OOP pool). Of course, it goes without saying that if you're invited, your in
  10. 31 and will be starting in the fall. The only thing that scares me about being "older" in med school is keeping up at the social events. Nobody warns you that hangovers triple in length when you hit 30... lol!
  11. Can anyone currently in the program comment on whether or not it's feasible to miss 1 day of classes due to travel over a long weekend (ie. the Friday prior)? Considering out-of-town plans but don't want to committ if I'm not going to be able to get out early enough to make the trip worth it. Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know what RV stands for on the curriculum map?
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