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  1. Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Feb 16), Calgary (Feb 16), McGill (Feb 16), McMaster (Feb 16), Western (Feb 17), Manitoba (Feb 19), Alberta (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22), Dalhousie (Feb 24), Université de Montreal (Feb 23), Université de Laval (Feb 23), Ottawa (Feb 26), MUN (Feb 26) Anesthesiology: NOSM (Feb 22), UBC (Feb 22), Alberta (Feb 23), Usask (Feb 25), Laval (Feb 26), Queen’s (Feb 27), McMaster (Mar 1), Ottawa (Mar 1) Cardiac Surgery: Toronto (Feb 16), Manitoba (Feb 22), Alberta (Feb 23), Montreal (Feb 24), Ottawa (Feb 24) Dermatology: ULaval (Feb 23), Calgary (Feb 2
  2. Not only I didn't see any sentiment of disrespect but I also have a hard time finding what exactly can be considered as such. Topic-wise. Our IM PD told us that multiple electives in IM usually show a student's genuine commitment to IM.
  3. Hi there! OOP applicant. Got an offer for the Sask campus and declined it. I guess, it means that not all of 6 seats for the Sask campus are filled yet. Good luck to you all!
  4. Result: Accepted Time Stamp: 8.50 am wGPA: 3.52 Year: PhD in 2015. MCAT: 132/127/132/130 ECs: 17 pubs, about 10 first author (one first author in Nature). Long term volunteering with the elderly and kids. Interviews: Went well. Last year I knew I was screwing it over while doing it. This year practiced a lot. Like A LOT. Geography: IP Good luck to those on the waitlist! Was there myself last year. Not a fun place to be in.
  5. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 3.55 Interview Date: will see wGPA: 3.52 Year: PhD in 2015. MCAT: 132/127/132/130 ECs: 17 pubs, about 10 first author. Long term volunteering with the elderly and kids. Geography: IP
  6. I'm interested. Screwed up my interviews last year as well.
  7. Low VR can easily be explained by not-being-an-anglophone.
  8. Thank you! I didn't think in this direction. But now I'll get this book for sure. I'm also taking English classes. I'm not dumb, it's just I overestimated my English language skills because for "PhD-talks" we usually use only "scientific" language which I'm more or less comfortable with.
  9. Hi, A bit about myself. I'm 27 and finishing PhD at UOttawa with a decent number of publications (15) and good EC and Volunteering. My undergrad degree is from Russia which was evaluated by WES to be with GPA 3.52. PhD's GPA is around A, but it doesn't matter. Today I received my MCAT scores and I can't say that I was surprised or shocked but it indeed brought a note of bitterness: P - 14, B - 12, V - 6. Well, my English is not that good, I totally admit it and I'm working on it. I registered to take the test again in January 2015. At this point I'm considering UOttawa (cause my 3
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