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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a new medical student and want to get setup with the right disability insurance. I'm looking for advice from new students, as well as resident and doctors if they can provide me some insights in "what they did, and what they should have done" when making this decision. Right now I have a choice between my provincial med association (not OMA, but similar offering) vs RBC offer vs RBC via CFMS. RBC seems more expensive, but also has more perks. I'm so new to this and its confusing comparing things I don't understand in detail: portability?, wil
  2. Hi guys, could use some advice dealing with Scotiabank. I’ve been offered all the regular perks. Is it feasible to ask for the Amex+ passport infinite combo (i don’t want the momentum infinite), and free for med school + residency + grace period? Is that the standard with scotia this year? Thanks and congrats to new 2018 students.
  3. Waitlisted here. Anyone know whether they release invites in batches or one at a time, as they get declines? Probably most of the invites to us will be sent after May 25th then? What do you all think?
  4. I don't know why no one is replying to you. But you may or may not get an interview, depends on the applicant profiles of this year. However, I'm sorry to say, you're on the low end of the applicant pool. Good luck.
  5. Oh, that part is only accessible after you've submitted the application. Did you submit; its already oct 3rd.
  6. Just login to your OMSAS page, and one of links there takes you to the status page.
  7. Cheers, thank you. This is my first OMSAS cycle, so I'm a bit antsy. After checking, it seems OMSAS applicants have till Nov 1st to release scores. So we should be fine. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-mcat/
  8. My MCAT shows as "Pending" even though I released the scores to OMSAS over 4 weeks ago. I did it again just now. PS I submitted the application about a week ago. Is this cause for worry? Should I call OMSAS?
  9. I see. As of now, I have 1x Employment, 1xR publication due, 1x A Poster award, and 1x R magazine recognition. But they all stem from the same research project. OMSAS does it so weird. Would that seem ok, or feel like I'm trying hyper-stretch this one project?
  10. Yes, this is cause for worry. Courier them ASAP. Mine updated last week.
  11. I have a similar case. Can't decide if I should Other or Volunteer for this. Since, Other category doesn't give the 150 characters to describe the event.
  12. Hello I'm an OMSAS newbie. I did research during the summer, but then proceeded to do many other things from this summer job. Poster presentations, future publication, magazine article etc. Is it alright that I split into employment, then 2-3 research entries, all stemming from this one job? Is that going overboard? Thanks for the feedback.
  13. So the school's won't say "Hey, you didn't actually volunteer at these conferences, so why are you using them under that category?". But you're right I want to write more on these experiences. Can I put one big conference in volunteer and then bunch of small ones in Other? I guess what I'm afraid of is miscommunication with the adcom regarding my sketch.
  14. Hello. What would be the right category for non-research related conferences? I did volunteer work with an organization and went to some conferences to train and get involved in the organization more? Would these conferences go under volunteer or Other? Thank you.
  15. In the formal education category do you put down all the schools that you went to? I thought this part was for any extra education you did APART from university? OMSAS newbie here. Thanks.
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