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  1. I'm pretty much on the same boat as you. I took the news pretty hard because I thought my interview went well also. I spent 2 months working on my essays and my MCAT and GPA are in range of people who are typically accepted. This is my 4th cycle and second year getting rejected post interview. I really dont know what else to do at this point to improve.
  2. Hey guys thanks for doing this. Do you know how applicants are scored post-interview and how much the waitlist moves?
  3. There were other stations where I felt that I was not given adequate time to answer the questions but it was like 3-4 different questions and I lost anywhere from 30seconds to 1min. I wasn't sure if that was reportable and tbh I couldn't remember which questions. They told us no paper/pencils should be present so I couldn't note down any technical difficulties until after the fact. I hope this doesn't hold me back, I prepped so hard for this
  4. same. They're excluding a station I would have done very well in so I'm quite disappointed
  5. Hey everyone, If anyone would like to practice MMI with me via zoom let me know! I was thinking of making a whatsapp group with everyone and we can message each other when anyone is available
  6. I'm also interested. I would be down to organize maybe a whatsapp group and we can communicate when anyone is free/ schedule a zoom practice? That way we can always be updated on when someone is available to practice with! If anyone is interested please let me know and I can set this up!
  7. I believe I did, I had already completed my undergrad when I did, which was why I was confused that my agpa and ogpa were the same!
  8. Hey guys, Current applicant to UBC and was wondering if anyone knows how GPAs are calculated for co-op students? I'm hoping I'm eligible for agpa, but I'm unsure how I'll be assessed. I applied last year and my ogpa was the same as my agpa, why is that? Also, do master's classes count towards the GPA calculation? For reference my undergrad course load was as follows: Year 1: Fall (5 courses) / Winter (5 courses) = 30 credits Year 2: Fall (5 courses) / Winter (5 courses) / Summer (1 course) = 33 credits Year 3: Fall (5 courses) / Winter (co-op work term) / Summ
  9. I emailed and asked this exact question. They had no issue with it
  10. I still dont see anything on omsas for uoft.... I wonder if that means I got an R? Or do they not update everyone's omsas at the same time
  11. U of T only applicant here, No offer yet but "the button" appeared Any other UofT people get a response on OMSAS????
  12. Someone post OPs field goal % after this shitstorm is over lol
  13. I'm in the exact same boat. I've also heard 126 is the cutoff but no one really knows
  14. I applied to 9 schools and received Rs from Boston and Dartmouth. WVU put me on their interview waitlist & the rest haven't responded Stats: 3.85 GPA & 514 MCAT I applied to: Boston, WVU, Dartmouth, Tulane, Columbia, Icahn, Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Duke
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