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  1. Congratulations on matching to a competitive program and thank you so much for your very thorough input! It is very helpful to hear this from someone who has been through the process already. I have done most of my electives now including FM and IM. Going to the 4th year, I had all my eyes set on IM and decided to do 14 IM electives and 6 FM electives; however, as the CaRMS is approaching and really reflecting on my experiences during the 4th year, I realize that perhaps FM is a better option for me individually given my personal situation. I have 6 weeks of FM (4 wks hospitalist ad 2 wks rura
  2. I am kinda in the same boat and I think about the FM versus IM dilemma on a regular basis. I have a mix of IM and FM electives. I really enjoy IM and I actually like CTU. I really like rheumatology but I am also OK with GIM; however, the only concern for me is the long duration of IM residency and the stress of second round of CaRMS and I wouldn't really start making money until after 5 years ... FM is great with shorter duration of residency, great lifestyle, flexibility, and decent income. It would be nice to hear from people who were in the same situation and how did they choose their
  3. I am hoping that's the case this year. I am definitely applying broadly but I was thinking of ranking IM higher but now I am leaning towards ranking FM higher and I am going to apply broadly. It's just unclear whether programs pay more attention to elective time this year and how much they value interview considering that they are virtual ... it's hard to predict things but I just regret not knowing what I really want earlier ...
  4. Hi All, I am currently a 4th year student going through the electives. Unfortunately, because of COVID, I wasn't able to secure enough FM electives and I was hoping to parallel plan between FM and IM. I have 4 weeks of FM hospitalist elective but the rest of my electives are IM but I also have IM electives that are quite relevant to FM such as addiction med and geriatrics, etc. As CaRMS approaches, I am feeling more anxious and due to some personal issues, I am thinking of ranking based on location and rank my home IM and FM program first and perhaps rank FM OOP second and applying as bro
  5. Yea subsecialty electives are not counted towards the 8 week cap so you can basically take 20 weeks of IM ... I am just thinking if I can safely back up with 4 weeks of FM given that my other IM rotations such as addiction med, geri are kind of related to FM? how many electives do you need to back up with FM?
  6. Thank you so much for your input. I don't really know how other students in other universities are doing and it's good to know people are in similar situation. In my class, there were some people who were decided on IM and are not planning to back up and they are doing all their 20 electives in IM but there are other students who are parallel planning or who were not lucky enough to get enough IM electives like me and at this point, it's very difficult to find a spot. I really hope the program directors are mindful of that this year
  7. By good IM elective, i mean something that I am interested in and it's worth changing my rural FM. I am hoping to back up with family because I want to match and I am a bit worried about this year with virtual interviews and no OOP electives. I was hoping to change my 4 weeks of rural FM to IM CTU but there is literally to CTU available and even there is not enough spot in GIM
  8. That's interesting! I wonder if it holds true for large programs like IM too? ... I am just hoping that I am not going to be at a disadvantage because I am not doing all of my electives in IM and I am also doing some in FP ... At this point, it's so difficult to change anything as there are no good IM electives available in province
  9. I hope I am just overthinking it but with the covid situation and last year competitiveness, I am worried that I might lower my chance of IM if I don't do most of my electives in IM... some people in my class are doing 16-20 weeks of pure IM!
  10. I am a 4th year med student, just starting my 4th year electives. I had a difficult time choosing between FM and IM when I was choosing my electives so I ended up doing 8 weeks of FM (combination of rural and hospitalist) and 12 weeks of IM (combination of CTU, GIM, and subspecialties). However, after finishing all of my core rotations, I believe that I am more suitable for IM but I would like to match at all costs and therefore applying to FM as back up. I am concerned that with the level of competitiveness for IM last year, my 12 weeks of IM electives are not going to be enough since I
  11. Why are you not applying if you don't mind me asking?
  12. I was initially going for IM and FM but I feel like if I do 4 weeks of derm electives let's say, I would decrease my chance for FM and iM since I would not have enough electives. I think if I want to apply for derm, I have to forget about IM and only do FM...
  13. I just finished my derm rotation before COVID and also did pediatric derm and I really enjoyed the experience. It has changed my perspective on dermatology, I realized that they deal with a lot of systemic diseases with dermatological manifestation. I am a result-oriented person and I also liked how you can see the result of your management quickly and how it can affect patient's self confidence and quality of life. I also did one day in MOHS surgery clinic and that was just another amazing experience. I never thought I would like it in first and second year because I thought it would be borin
  14. Hi, 4th year med student here. I just realized that I like derm but I also like other fields such as IM and FM. We are choosing our 4th year electives soon and the electives are limited due to COVID and I might only be able to do 4 weeks of derm if I really want to do it. I don't have any research or volunteer activity related to derm and I don't want to go unmatched so I guess I have to definitely back it up with FM. I just need some suggestions on how to proceed? should I completely forget about it considering how competitive it is and there are so many people (in my own class) who have
  15. I need some advice for choosing my electives for 4th year. I am interested in both IM and FM as back up as I really prefer to stay in my home province of BC. We have 20 weeks of electives pre-carms considering the new date of CaRMS and if things do not change in terms of pandemic. I was initially planning on doing 12 weeks of IM and 8 weeks of FM; however, I know that a lot of people going for IM are doing most of their electives in IM. I am interested to get some advice/suggestions on how to choose my electives considering that I am ranking based on location and would love to stay in BC?
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