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  1. Hi, I wasn't sure if I should make a different post but I am in the exact similar situation and I dreading finalizing my ROL because I cannot decide if I want to rank my home IM or FM program first I like Medicine and I enjoy the intellectual stimulation of IM but at the same time, I am in my 30s already and thinking about a 5 year residency program (at least 3 years of avg 1 in 4 calls) with the uncertainty of matching to my desired specialty (Rheumatology) in my desired location and also having to work really hard and try to impress everyone for a successful second round of CaRMS sound
  2. I am not sure how much they make but I feel like in a FFS model when you charge $28 per patient and seeing maybe 5-6 patients/hr if you are very efficient, it doesn't add up to be much after overhead and taxes so you have to actually work VERY HARD! This is solely based on my own calculation and i was hoping that somebody could provide some insight.
  3. Thank you everyone for sharing their insight here. I really love family medicine but I also applied for another specialty and I am trying to make some decisions.... I have talked to some family doctors who discouraged me from FM mainly because of feeling that they are not well compensated and if they could go back, they would not do FM. Although they still find it rewarding, they don't feel like they are well compensated for the work they do and often have to work really hard to be able to cover the cost of their overhead and at the end, their take home is not much. I am wondering if others ha
  4. I was wondering the same! So far, I have not heard anything.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have not received any email. I am going to email them I guess.
  6. Has anyone heard from the Manitoba FM interview scheduling? I have my carms portal updated but no email
  7. Had anyone any luck getting interviews from waitlist? I just don't see the point of waitlist given that the interviews are all virtual
  8. Did anyone still waiting to hear from Manitoba FM? I know they sent invitation last week but I haven't heard back and they haven't updated my portal ... I assume it's a "No" but I thought they would update the portal at least
  9. I am sorry to hear that! I am in a similar boat and I thought I am a strong applicant but ended up with only few interviews, way lower than I expected ... Did you only apply to IM?
  10. How many interviews are good enough to feel safe? I know it sounds like a stupid question but I just had a really tough day with all the rejections today from a two specialties that are supposed to be not so competitive
  11. Has anyone heard from Manitoba FM? The interview tracker says they sent the invites yesterday but I haven't heard anything and my portal is empty...
  12. I haven't gotten the actual email from Dal FM but I can see my status updated on the portal. Did anyone get an actual email yet to schedule the interview?
  13. Yea actually I just asked a couple of people and it seems like they sent some rejections on Friday ...
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