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  1. https://www.carms.ca/data-reports/msm-data-reports/ may have some fun (or anxiety-invoking, depending on what you're looking at) stats for you. I don't know any Endo people, but one of my best buddies matched to Rheum this year. He said it was quite doable, but as alluded to above, he absolutely hated the first 3 years of IM residency and said he'd actually quite medicine altogether if he had to do GIM. Not trying to scare anybody, but it is something to consider. Matching IM is really like deferring the carms process others went through, except the second time around it's arguably harder
  2. Why is community rads no longer ROAD whereas academic is in your estimation? (I guess none of the ROAD specialties are very ROAD anymore, but it's always nice to hear your opinion/insight, @rmorelan)
  3. I don't know how radiology groups work, as I've only known academic radiologists who've taken years practicing elsewhere to get jobs in the big cities. And even then I don't know much as my interactions with them have been limited to being sent down by my surgical teams to review a scan (hahah). There is probably no right answer but word of mouth will probably be a bigger friend than simply choosing the "right" fellowship. Two of my friends worked hard EVERY day of residency - literally never took a day off in their whole 5-7 years. Everybody in the hospital knew and liked them. They are
  4. How does the situation in Alberta directly affect residents? I can imagine it's a tense atmosphere to train in and there may be an exodus of docs (depending on the specialty) but overall it sounds like it's business as usual for residents (except maybe for the seniors who were planning on practicing/already got job offers in AB)
  5. I really hope this is true...nothing we can do except stay optimistic. Literally every single ortho resident I've talked to over the years says "things are finally opening up" and "yes the job market isn't great, but it's not as bad as people think. on par with most other surgical specialties".
  6. Yeah I believe @helloworldz brings up salient points. To determine province of residency for tax filing purposes, the CRA looks at where you have the most significant ties. Those include things like where you own property, where your spouse and dependents are, which province your vehicle is licensed and registered in, which province's health card and driver's license you have. For most of us, the majority of our identification will be coming from our new province...so pretty hard to argue to file in our previous province. Plus many of us will be claiming moving expenses, which althou
  7. For sure, not a great situation at all. Basic consensus from asking around and reading online: if you move to ON from another province after 2017, you can't claim your unused tuition and education amounts from another province. And from what I understand, there is no ON S11 so no paperwork to show the CRA that you have carry-forward provincial amounts. I.e. poof, your provincial credits are gone
  8. Hmm so it seems like we're SOL and just lose our OOP tuition tax credits, eh? And no way to somehow bank them until we move to a province that does recognize provincial tuition tax credits... And on a semi related note, I guess that means only federal tuition tax credits should be entered on a T1213? (Which, to clarify, does not force us to use all our tuition credits if we have other available credits to deduct, right. This form merely shows that we have x amount of credits so our employer should withhold less tax? We don't actually use the credits until we officially file?)
  9. Bump! So based on everything I've been reading online, if you move from OOP --> Ontario for residency, you can't use any of the provincial tuition tax credits you accumulated from doing med school, etc. elsewhere. But does anyone know what happens if you move back after residency to the province where you accumulated those credits? Do you just pick up where you left off (i.e. carried forward from 2-5 years ago)? Or are those provincial tax credits lost forever because you moved to Ontario...
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone! Family and friends are wondering when I'll come back (if ever lol), so it's great to have some details to give them. Just so I get this straight... 1. For a rotating internship PGY-1, we won't be able to ask for vacations more than ~1 month ahead, since schedules are released prior to each block? And the process would be to email the admin/coordinator for that block only once we get an email from them first? (E.g. I know I'll be on CTU in December but I can't email the CTU coordinator now to request Christmas off) 2. What sort of activities count as "p
  11. In the PGY-1 internship year, how does vacation booking work? Do we email our own program admin or do we have to tell the scheduling person for each block we're on? It seems tough to request dates ahead of time if we don't even get our schedules for each block more than a month or two in advance. And, is there a limit to how much time off from a block you can take? E.g. you can't just take all 4 weeks of neurosurgery off, you have to be there for >50% of the rotation, etc.
  12. Nope, nothing of the sort (fortunately? unfortunately?). Still getting loads of PGME emails telling us to complete checklists to ensure we'll be ready for the July 1 start date.
  13. Thank you everyone for taking the time to write encouraging words and for sharing their personal stories. I have read and re-read your responses countless times. They've been a source of strength especially when I felt alone and self-conscious. Importantly, I also showed this thread to my loved ones who were also struggling with my match result. They were amazed to hear how common disappointment and struggles are in this carms process, often through no fault of the applicants (who generally have put in unthinkable amounts of effort and emotional investment over 4+ years). Although unfortu
  14. I matched to my #1 specialty in a liveable location. With CaRMS being such a crapshoot these days, I understand how lucky I am to get to say that. This post is in no way meant to be a humble brag or call for congratulations. I am really struggling with the idea of being 6000 km away from LITERALLY everyone I know. My parents are old and both not in great health. My girlfriend is still in residency and obviously can't relocate; this feels like the nail in the coffin for our relationship. All my buddies matched back home and I'm the only one in our group who's leaving. 2 of my siblings jus
  15. As an aside, how do programs feel when they match students who are lower on their list? Do they readjust and get excited regardless, or is there a sense of disappointment that lingers Maybe I'm projecting here, but my matched program was known to have a lot of students from their med school aiming for the specialty. But the >70% of those who matched to my program were not from their med school. Of course theres no way of knowing what happened but it strikes me as a bit odd
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