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  1. This is essentially my thought, in some cases it makes sense. I don't think we get enough peds in core residency to do peds fully. Cardiac similar. Obstetrics I feel on the fence about. The rest seems dumb to me. Unless you are working in a really big center having the vascular, neuro, thoracics, regional, or peri-op ultrasound fellowship is unlikely to change anything. A no fellowship staff focused on continued learning in all areas is likely best. Though the peri-op/clinical anesthesia fellowships that are literally just described as a year fellowship to do higher risk cases to gain exposure
  2. I am nearing time to start thinking about anesthesia fellowships, and some of my staff ask me about them etc. I honestly have to say a good many seem just like a scam to get you to work another year not being paid attending salary. As in Peri-op ultrasound, airway, "clinical anesthesia", acute pain, peri-operative... these all seem like things a 5yr FRCPC anesthesiologist should just be able to do. Heck even neuro, thoracic, transplant seem questionable unless you are in a bigger site and plan to do mainly just those cases. I can get behind Peds and Cardiac. Just not sure I see why a fellowshi
  3. I am assuming you have thought about this a lot, but do you care to elaborate? I mean your first post sounded like classic imposter syndrome, and now you are dropping out?? Why not think about repeating the year if you feel inadequately prepared? Are your clinicals giving you bad feedback?
  4. I have quite a few close friends that are RNs and LPNs, and I have as a result always been a fairly firm advocate and believer in the shortage of nurses. I hear it often on the floors and in the ER. In our hospital - especially in the summer - we often have to close down the ER or parts of it due to shortages. However, recently I have began to wonder something. I was in the OR, which can have its own shortages, but including the scrub nurse there were 4 RNs in the room. In fact each OR that day had 3-4 RNs. 4 RNs is how many run the 16 bed acute section of our ER. I couldn't help but wo
  5. I have learned to never trust a medical student on their perception of how hard a test was, how well they interviewed, how good their electives went, how much they studied, how their rotations went, etc. etc. I have heard way too many times "I bombed X" "I did so bad at X" I'd just try not to worry or ask about how others are interviewing, just focus on yourself.
  6. I think "meets expectations" vs "exceed expectations" is very site dependent. I would not worry. Having talked to PD's across the country some schools are known for producing strong clinical clerks and others strong academic, others both. Similarly, programs don't tend to care too much was MSPR says - as again... some schools are known for inflating their evaluation forms. Also it can be very staff or reviewer dependent. I have had 75% of staff gives me exceeds, but then the person doing the final review didn't work with me and i was given meets. I had another staff say I was essentiall
  7. It was more of realizing I liked a specialty more than anticipated. It is a specialty from core, but doing it near carms submission for a few weeks, and due to changes in my life it has been great experience on revisiting the specialty. Ultimately though point taken not possible !
  8. I did an elective at a school out west. Worked with some of the Ad Comm, all positive reviews the entire time - they said see you at interviews. Met with the PD who said the same. Got declined for an interview 5 days later when on a different elective. They help, but not always a guarantee. Which sucks because electives are extremely valuable, and then you could have used them somewhere else.
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to send it a late application to a program? I assumed not, but figured I would ask.
  10. When you see invites went out for a program, at what point do you realize/know you aren't getting an invite. If you don't get an invite right away, if you don't get one the next day either, if you don't get one after 2-3?
  11. I was under the impression that CaRMS now has the interview feature on their website that tells you if you are offered an interview, declined, or waitlisted. Doesn't this sort of negate the need to track when invites etc are coming out? Unlike previous years where you may not know invites went out but you didn't get one.
  12. After having done electives I am just wondering if anyone knows why BC seems to be so much more painful elective wise. Their licensing application is more involved.. especially compared to ontario that has none for students. Now they have added SPECO which is like a 14 part plus more info course as a mandatory document, plus their health and safety info pages. Just wondering if there is more litigation there, so some historical reason I am missing?
  13. Calgary does not open for processing electives until Feb 2, 2020. It is on their AFMC page. I mean maybe not impossible, just was surprised that is quite early to have already 8 weeks of electives booked.
  14. How do you already have electives lined up for next year? You can't apply to the vast majority until 26 weeks before?
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