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  1. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but it appears that this year they (thankfully) removed the condition that the activities be completed in undergrad. I hope this is the case - why should they look down on more experienced candidates? "Leveling the playing field" in this way is, in my opinion, unfair as it disadvantages older applicants whom may not have discovered an interest to pursue medicine until after undergrad. For example, if someone discovers the importance of helping an undeserved community later in life and evolves as a person through activities at a post-undergraduate level, why shou
  2. I don't want to give any false hope but like others have said 4 interviews is pretty impressive. You're within striking distance even if things don't work out this time around. With that said - prepare yourself for the worst and things will work out either way. Wishing you the best of luck!
  3. I'm having a hard time deciding between RBC and Scotiabank. I spoke with an Ontario RBC rep who was very helpful with everything, however, the Avion fees after the first year are putting me off. From what i'm reading, Scotiabank is identical in terms of what it is offering LOC-wise with the exception of the two cards it offers (VISA + American Express) and the timing of when the funds are allotted. Can anyone speak as to how experienced/helpful the Montreal Scotiabank rep (according to the website, the McGill rep is Maria El-Hamedi) is in this matter? And can anyone comment on whi
  4. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they did/or are planning to do if they only received 2 shots of the Hep B vaccine. I received these shots in middle school (Ontario) and have positive Hep B serology records from 2 years ago so I am in fact protected. The public health nurse said these 2 adult dose vaccinations are all I need however McGill calls for 3. Will I still need to get a third shot? (I tried to book an appointment with McGill health services but they wont be scheduling appointments for new students until May so I won't have official word from McGill until
  5. Hey everyone I was wondering what was supposed to be understood by "valid until atleast March 2018". I scheduled my BSL course for tomorrow and was wondering if this would useable. I understood the expiration to mean up until the end of February. Thanks
  6. Are online P/F courses accepted? I completed my degree and prefer not to risk anything changing GPA wise.
  7. Lets say I have money sitting in the bank, in a savings account- if I used it all for my 1st year tuition would I then able to claim no savings?
  8. Hey all, I am aware of certain schools giving "GPA boosts" using graduate grades (Dal allows your graduate grades to count as one year in the GPA calculation) or perks for having a graduate degree (U of T lowers the cut-off). My question is with respect to study status- Do you have to remain a full-time student (in a master's degree for example) for these grad advantages to stay on the table? I have a friend who counsels during the summer (part of her master's requirements) but does not have any classes to attend. She would prefer to enroll as a part-time student as it would save
  9. I realize that Canadian schools don't consider gender/race with admissions I was curious as to how schools such as U of T (I'm sure many others have similar trends) get an approximate 50:50 male female ratio in entering classes assuming that females are the overwhelming majority with respect to applicants Are there quotas? Theoretically could the entire class be of one gender?
  10. "Bilingualism A bilingual applicant is one who speaks both of Canada’s official languages, English and French. If bilingual status is claimed, your level of proficiency in both languages will be tested at the time of the interview." Taken straight from OMSAS, I think it is extremely fair- there is already quite a bit of dishonesty that comes with med applications. This is quality control so that applicants who say they can communicate in both languages can actually do so. If you checked off the box to be more competitive and lack basic understanding of French it's your own fault- they
  11. Do you know if they will grant an additional interview in such a scenario?...if so how would they contact the individual by phone or email? (I'm assuming the interview would be on the last day) And would the interview email from January mention a wait list if you were not accepted for an interview?
  12. Hey my interview is coming up soon- I was wondering if there was a hard cut-off with respect to interview time. I've heard anecdotal evidence of 40 minutes to an hour and was wondering how true that is?
  13. Would this be viewed as rude? Is it as simple as saying "I know so and so, would I be able to get another interviewer?"?
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