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  1. This is going to sound so dumb, but, I wanted to join the Canadian armed forces. Will that be looked upon negatively when I choose to apply later.
  2. Hi everyone, just a couple of months ago I was dead set on completing a Master's degree at University of Toronto and fighting my way through graduate school until I hit medicine. However, my circumstances have drastically changed. I had a terrible fallout from my laboratory. I'm now in a position where I have research experience but no references (or at least positive ones) from the PI. Due to commitment in my lab, I did 0 ECs during the first semester of my final year and now I need to take an extra course to make up for the lost credit when I dropped my research course. Admitte
  3. The numbers thin down by the time you're in 3rd year. I believe my largest class in 3 year was about 200 students but its because that was an Introductory Immunology course. Research opportunities are everywhere at UofT; you either need to connect with professors to get one or cold email as many as you can. I can't really speak on behalf of the quality of my education compared to other schools but if you're a very bright student (not myself), you'll love and truly profit from UofT's academic atmosphere.
  4. Race is a certainly a factor at times. Visible minorities have been disadvantaged in society and as a result lack of parental presence or financial instability or general problems at home may be a reason why these kids were acting up. Many people turn to drugs to solve some of their problem. These young black males were ranting about a society that benefits old people but not one which benefits them or treats them equally. Heck if I were systematically a target of prejudice in society, I may turn to drugs and let off my anger on old (presumably white however OP has failed to identify their
  5. I have been feeling really stressed lately and I reflected on my life and this was simply what I wanted to share with this community.
  6. In my early childhood, I had remember receiving an amazing picture book about science from a relative. I knew from that moment on that science was quite possibly the coolest thing ever and I wanted to be a person who did the coolest thing ever. I went to high school in a relatively poor Toronto suburb. OSSLT pass rates were 70%. Drug dealers littered the school. Disrespect for authority. The biggest impediment to learning were other students. I came to a place where people from bad homes gathered and they didn't care for others. Principal has been attacked. Multiple reports of Ar
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