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  1. Hey! I'm from Calgary and had to prepare for MCAT too. When are you planning to write the MCAT? I'm sorry I don't know how the PM works.
  2. Hey StriveP! I got an email notification of your another response but I can't find it here in which you said I shouldn't do research just cause others do it, well honestly, I feel kind of stupid because I thought all this stuff is compulsory for an application, phew. Haha. Thans to you guys I feel quite confident about doing what I like to do. The NGO I'm in is verry close to my heart so I think I'll continue with it and somehow expand into Canada somoehow. I can't do anything about GPA cause I've graduated high-school and yet to start with college but I'll try to keep it up! Anyways thanks f
  3. Thank you very much for your response! It surely helped!
  4. Hey! First of all, I'd like to thank the premed101 community and I'd like to appreciate all you fellow premeds here and the valuable knowledge I have gained through this forum! I graduated from grade 12 last year and permanently moved to Canada. I'm currently preparing for the MCAT and plan to write itbefore this fall so I'm also free to do some extra volunteer work before starting with my bachelors. I'm quite anxious about this part of my application , I have no awareness of where I stand in terms of my ECs. I'm about to start with my first year of undergrad this fall and here are my ECs, p
  5. Hey! I'm not very sure about how to answer that question because it's not that simple. The first step of preparation involves memorising and comprehending the content. For me, I mastered the content in 2.5 months studying for about 3-4 hours a day. It was only after I mastered the content that I started taking the practice tests and commenced with a more 'test taking preparation' approach. The key thought that helped me was I kept telling myself, don't prepare for the test, just learn and understand the entire content, the med schools want you to do it for some reason. You could start w
  6. Hey there! I was in the same boat as you about 8 months ago and I understand your scenario. I'll tell you briefly about myself then you can recognize,hopefully, any parity in our situations and I'll tell you about my approach. I'm a student whose first language isn't english, started learning it about 3 years ago so I think my approach might suit you. After achieving an intermediate expertise in english, obviously less than your knowledge of the language, I started taking some sample verbals to see how I was doing, on my first full practice verbal consisting of 9 passages I scored an 8. It
  7. A would have a higher chance because MCAT is their strong point and 27% is for the MCAT as compared to C where the MCAT is the stronger part of their application.
  8. Under the 4 year pool assuming the minimum MCAT of 30 according to friendly magpie's formularA. Would have a score of (0.6/0.7)*27+(2/15)*13 =23.14+1.75= 24.9 B. Would have a score of 19.3+4.33=23.63 C. Would have a score of 15.4+7= 22.4 A would get in. But if we use the earlier formula which i think is wrong A would have a 26.325+9.24=35.57 B would have a 25.65+10.11=35.76 C would have a 24.975+10.98=35.955 Here C would be benefiting because of the MCAT which is conflicting with their formula for a higher allocation to GPA. Also look at the difference in scores in the sec
  9. With the formula we thought it was, the variation is by 2 points in GPA, 3 points in MCAT and 2 points for ECs let's assume. So the actual percentage of pre-interview score would be something like 20% for GPA, 30% for MCAT and 20% for the ECs which is different from the official numbers of 27,13 and 30 given on their website. The 30% remaining would be for the interview. This hardly makes any sense if we see the admission process page on their site. I think friendly magpie has given us the correct formula afterall.
  10. I asked one of my cousins who applied to alberta med school in 2013 and got an interview. She said nowhere was the formula disclosed(or she didn't care asking for it) but she mentions that the formula mentioned by friendly magpie makes more sense since in this way, the scoring is more practical because in the earlier posts you calculated the variation of 2 points by each applicant which is totally incoherent with the 27% and 13% for the GPA and MCAT. If you get what I mean.
  11. I edited it to correct some other mistakes in grammar. I wrote that originally because a wink is a universal sign of sarcasm if it follows a question. Chill bro. My english is not that good I admit it and I'm not even good with technology, might've been a mistake. Take a deep breath.
  12. Whoa dude calm down. I'm sorry and thankyou for correcting me. I didn't know this was actually a mistake! LOL! Though i learned english 3 years ago. Thanks though.
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