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  1. Hi PT2017 That is so nice of you thank you. I would like to know if my application will be considered for this year, if my sub-GPA will only reach 3.5 by June 2015. As of Dec 2014, unfortunately I did not do so well in my last course and have to retake them. Does Queen's have a good support for students with learning challenges, and has this been an issue for current students? Thank you.
  2. HI all, I just found a MCGill guide to calculate cGPA and GPA for last two years for postgraduate program, it is a little old though. Has anyone use this before? http://www.mcgill.ca/files/gps/gpaguide.pdf As for PT and OT qualifying year I know we still need 3.2 cGPA as minimum. Though in this website it had mentioned that cGPA for the whole undergraduate degree needs to be minimum 3.0. But GPA last two years should be 3.2 in order to be accepted. I have been trying to calculate mine using the MCGill GPA conversion excel sheet. Stressing out with two exams next week as well. Any
  3. Need some opinions especially if someone has been in this situation before. I am applying to Queen's and McGill Qualifying PT and OT for next year. With Queen's I should be completing my pre-reqs by next week, but since I can still do it up until June 2015, I want to drop Human physiology, which I'm not doing too too great and will drag down my current GPA. Next semester I can take Exercise Physiology instead. Has anyone been in this situation before? Should I just drop it and maintain a higher sGPA or will it be a bad sign to be accepted? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have put down end date as my expected end date, which is April 2015 for me. Tick off the Degree/diploma not expected. I didn't think too much about this as I think it's reasonable. Not sure if this helps. All the best.
  5. Thank you hotwheels_11. I will check on the link and work it out. Appreciate your help. Thanks and good luck on your application!
  6. Hello all, i need some help with calculating GPA. Struggling:( I want to apply to PT/OT with Queens and McGill Qualifying year for next term, 1. How do I combine my GPA from first degree and now undergoing 2nd degree? My first degree is from Australia with low GPA 3.03, 95 credits. My current is 3.43 GPA, 33 credits. When i use a calculator to combine all the 128 credits i get GPA 3.14. Is this the cGPA that Queens and McGill will take? 2. How do i calculate or know which subGPA they will look at? 3. Will they accept my first degree with RMIT university in Australia? I use WES to
  7. Hi Coffeebunny Thanks for your reply. I have not apply yet. I will in dec. I am still doing anatomy And physio pre-req right now it is killing me. I will apply in dec to McGill QY in PT/OT and Queens PT/OT. I will take any offer. Will it decrease my chances by not focussing on one program? I have GPA 3.0 from an irrelevant degree 13 years ago. Now I am in my second degree with 3.4 cGPA of last 33 credits. Not all are relevant courses. But after this semester my CGPA might drop to 3.3 ish. Do you think I have a chance to get in? Thanks again. It's nice to hear that I might have a chan
  8. Hi MazzyMaz Yes please post the spreadsheet I'm interested. Can we get in with mostly birdie courses?
  9. Great info, thank you, i feel a little hopeful now. Can someone help: 1) I want to know if it is worth applying and can I get in to first choice (McGill) and second choice is (Queens)? 2) How does McGill calculate cGPA when it says they'd consider relevant courses, how many courses and what are the courses? I might have an art course that helps my GPA. I want to get into MPT either Qualifying year in McGill or MPT at Queens. I currently have a cGPA of 3.4 ish for a total of 33 credits in GPA hours, this is my second degree program. My first degree was a BA communications, total
  10. Hi, thank you for all these information. I need help. I want to get into McGill either Qualifying PT or Master PT. Their admission requirement is minimum cGPA 3.5 on relevant courses. What courses are relevant? Can someone help me to assess my courses? I just want to know if it is worthwhile to throw in my application. I am currently doing a second degree in Exercise Science. My GPA is not great but i have tonnes of experience in rehab and good reference letters. My first degree is BA in Communication graduated with 3.0 GPA with no vision to continue. Hence i am doing my second degre
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