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  1. Once the admissions process begin, there will be a template you'll have to use that will be posted on the faculty's website. You essentially just fill in the blanks with your own experiences.
  2. it did to me too - they sent a second email saying that it was a mistake though and that as long as you upload your stuff on minerva you're good
  3. As-tu appliqué en tant qu'étudiant en dent? C'est la première fois qu'ils me donnent autant - durant mon BAC je recevais juste assez pour payer mes frais de scolarité.
  4. Non, je suis dans la même situation que le gars qui a post et ils m'accordent 13K.
  5. I'm not trying to start an argument but to say that PT is a limited field is just wrong. Ortho (inpatient, outpatient, post-op LE & UE, sports injury) Neuro (post stroke rehab, CP rehab,pakinsons, CNS tumours and so much more), Cardio resp (COPD patients, lung and heart transplants, bypass surgeries etc.), Burns, amputees, pelvic floor rehab, cancer rehab, etc. I don't care about why you left PT after a year, but to reduce the entire field as being limited is just wrong.
  6. À ce moment là tu travail sur ta personne pour faire une bonne entrevue. L'importance que tu mets sur tes notes vs. une évaluation de ta personnalité est aberrante.
  7. C'est très relatif - peut-être que celui avec un 34 à aussi publier 5 articles et s'implique énormément dans au sein de son établissement scolaire/communauté. Ils devraient être récompensés aussi non? Le system fait en sorte que tout est axé sur les notes, introduire casper is for the best. Un médecin avec 34 vs un autre avec 36, y'a pas grande différence. Le monde devrait peut-être commencer à faire des activités qui les feront grandir en tant que personne plutôt que de toujours être fixé sur les notes. Je ne dis pas que c'est ton cas, mais moi les commentaires sur les notes et le system dans
  8. even if you're a graduating mcgill student? I was under the impression that they would just go and get it like they did back in november when applying. Thank you!
  9. I think what took so long was the work on sherbrooke and all the pipes they had to fix - my guess is that in a month McTavish should look brand new.. but then again we all know about construction work in montreal so there's no guaranty
  10. I was on campus the other day and guess what y'all????? They're finally working on the road on mctavish. If this doesn't make you believe in miracle, i don't know what will.
  11. to which province are you considered an in province? i honestly think you can keep trying here
  12. Quelqu'un sait ça s'est rendue où la LA l'an dernier pour dent uni? MERCI!! Edit: 12e que j'ai pu trouver dans le forum.
  13. im no expert but imo your stats aren't that bad ... I think what would be really important now would be for you to reflect on what you think held you back this cycle and prevented you from getting interviews - GPA doesn't look that bad, ...you're planning to retake the MCAT - good... What about your ECs? You're saying they're above average - it's great that you have research but what about everything else? Also, do you think your way of presenting your ECs could have been improved? if so, you should certainly work on that for next cycle. I really think it's important to look back at your app a
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