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  1. I know plenty of these questions are asked - and typically the answers are the same but neurotic me couldn’t resist. I’m currently a 3rd year student who recently discovered an interest in surgery, specifically Urology. I enjoyed my core rotation much more than I thought I would and now want to pursue it. The ?issue is I have no surgical research, but a couple publications in more medicine related fields. My question lies in how can I make myself a more competitive applicant at this stage (1 year out from carms)? Contacting staff to work on URO related research? What ECs can
  2. The Respirology number is what shocked me a lot - I didn't know they were that well remunerated. 800k afteroverhead? Is this an Alberta thing specifically or is this an indicative average of respirologists across Canada
  3. Hi all, I am currently a MS2 and I was wondering if anyone had any input on the current state of anesthesiology when it comes to the CaRMs match? Specifically I wanted to know if it was considered a competitive specialty and how one should go about prepping to be competitive and hopefully match to it, i.e. is research extremely important? does the research have to be related to anesthesiology? which programs are considered the more competitive/desirable across the country? - Additionally I see it repeatedly said on these forums that a good CV is important for all applicants - but what do
  4. Was anyone in Ottawa able to get the Visa infinite or platinum avion from RBC with all fees waived? My advisor only said she could waive the first years fee so I decided to stick with the signature visa (albeit I don't see a huge difference between the signature visa and the other two). Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I'm more so gunning for Ottawa or Toronto as my primary choices, but would be happy at any of the other schools I applied to as well.
  6. I've applied to Toronto, Ottawa, McMaster, Queen's and Western, based on my stats how do you think my chances are? First time applying Region: Ottawa, Ontario Year: 4th cGPA (as per OMSAS): 3.94 MCAT (PS/VR/BS): 14/11/13 (38) ECs: I think they're average, extensive volunteering at Canadian Blood Services and a senior centre, soccer for a few years, refereed soccer tournaments, research experience includes both wet lab (no pub) and qualitative data (1 article submitted for publication), and a few awards (TVN studentship, Professors Union Award, Undergraduate Research Award)..
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