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  1. It's normal to be hesitant about getting a vaccine that just came out and wanting to wait a few years before finding out the long term effects of said vaccine. But you're comparing getting the vaccine vs. not getting it provided you don't catch covid. A better comparison is which would you rather roll the dice with, long term effects of a vaccine or long term effects of covid 19? Do you know the long term effects of covid- 19 on your lungs? Do you know the long term effects of getting intubated on your trachea? Do you know the long term effects of ECMO cannulas being stuck in your neck fo
  2. Are you in your first year or second year of residency? Do you have any dependents? are you still drawing from your LOC during residency? If you still are, I would recommend speaking with your bank to increase the size of your LOC until you're staff and then paying it off accordingly.
  3. The government has a spending problem. Sooner or later they're going to run out of places and people to tax. If the marginal rate goes too high, people are goign to start questioning themselves whether or not its worth it to work after billing 210k or try even harder to find some loophole to avoid paying more income tax.
  4. I have never seen a family doc practice within 2 major +1 fields let alone 3. Again, I guess you could reason it out that some care is better than no care, but there better not be a specialist within 3 hours of your center.
  5. FPAs could probably handle a decent amount of emergent ASA3 cases with the reasoning that a family doctor trained in anesthesia is better than no doctor at all. But I honestly wouldn't go FPA unless I would die enroute to the nearest hospital with anesthesia care if I had any significant comorbidity. There's a reason why anesthesia is 5 years. It's not feasible to learn intubations/fiberoptic intubations, art lines, IVs, Central lines, spinals/epidurals, and ?nerve blocks all in 1 year. That's in addition to the medicine you need to know and all the difficult airway algorithms and airway adjun
  6. I find its very rare to have an ASA 4 case. BMI > 40 is more common but still pretty uncommon. Most FRCPC anesthesiologists are still making the majority of their money doing bread and butter cases of ASA 1/2 and the occasional ASA 3 especially in the community. If the billing codes are the same, I can't imagine the incomes between the FRCPC and +1 to be all that different.
  7. That's like every non-generalist though. Granted, psychiatry is probably on the worse side of that spectrum.
  8. Are you a CMG? Assuming you are, you need to be diligent studying for the MCCQE. I would recommend studying 2 hours a day specifically for this test in yrs 2-3 and then when you're a 4th year, start writing practice exams. I recommend practicing with the written royal college exams for each specialty (esp pathology IM and surgery!). Once you're hitting near perfect on those exams, you should be ready. In all seriousness, no dude, do what most people do. Study for 2 weeks and maximize your time off before residency. There's a reason why they call the MCCQE a tax on poor medical students.
  9. 1250 a month for a studio but as a resident. I paid 500 a month as a med student sharing with a fellow student for a 2 bed 2 bath.
  10. USMLE is becoming pass fail next year. It would be interesting to see what happens to IMGs after the change.
  11. There is some truth to your statement about having some downtime especially during call for most specialties. But there are many specialties and rotations where you don't even have time to use the toilet. It's kind of hard browsing social media when you're being paged 10 times an hour while trying to get through urgent imaging studies as the only radiology resident in the hospital. And it's not like you can wipe out your phone in the middle of being scrubbed into surgery to browse the web. Also keep in mind, while you;re scrubbed into surgery, your pager is going off 2-3x an hour sometimes mo
  12. That's funny, we just had a bowel perf from a colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago that had to be repaired.
  13. What makes ophthal a difficult surgical residency? Their OR days are often not that long and they don't round on majority of their patients. Some residencies even have dedicated residents to do urgent care clinic/consults from the emerg. Do agree on the job market though.
  14. Are you sure they werent complaining about their resident salaries? I dont think ive heard of many residents complain about the salary of an attending. Residents get paid like 60k with 5K raises every year for 10 hours a day M-F, working usually 2/4 weekends a block, and overnight call (ranging from 5-6 calls a month in house to 10-11 calls for home call) all of which are specialty and block dependent.
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