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  1. I applied exclusively to UBC OT and got in on the first shot. Happy to answer any questions you have
  2. Hey folks! So I've been a practicing registered massage therapist for the past 6 years and have completed my entire undergrad as a part-time student during full-time work. Are there programs that don't have the "Full Course Load" requirement? I see some of them make exceptions (McGill, but you have to be a quebec resident and Dal, but they require a Record of Employment)... I have been self-employed for my whole career, with the exception of part-time teaching at a massage therapy college. Any tips? Are there schools that don't require the full course load req? Thanks!!!
  3. Thanks!! Maybe we can all debrief on our applications once the excitement dies down this week...
  4. Just got my email. I didn't get in. Good luck to you all! I hope you're not kept waiting too long.
  5. Yikes! It's happening! I think 4 has a pretty good shot. I remember at the info session (available online), they said something about how much the numbers vary. Don't remember exactly by how much but I think they do take a few off the waiting list. My gut would be that #4 would get in. I hope you do! I still haven't received my decision email...
  6. Does anyone know more about the different programs? Like what each is known for, what sets them apart, etc? I don't know where to find this info but I'd love to get a good idea of it.
  7. I was offered an interview yesterday afternoon. Last name starts with W, I live in Vancouver, average is around 86%. Anyone have more info about interview format?
  8. No she didn't say how many-- just that it's incredibly resource-intensive and they're trying to cut down. I have had one re-send. The other I ended up sending the email reference. Not as good as a written one, I'm sure. Too bad. Last I heard from Sonia @ Admissions, they were just catching up on processing, but then only one was marked as received after that. They ask that you not email to check on documents. I sent an email anyway and never heard back. Here's hopin'! I'm not freaking out too much about it but I am a little stressed. We'll see.
  9. FYI I was told that they are trying to cut down on interviews this year so they might be a bit more ruthless with GPA/other qualifications.
  10. Two of my reference letters are still showing as not having been received (including my volunteer hours). I am trying to have them both re-send, which feels like a hassle for them, but it's been difficult to get in touch with one of them. They both sent them late November/first week of December. I don't know what happened, but hopefully they just show up as received tomorrow!! How did your applications go?
  11. Are you at UBC now? Good to hear about the cut-off-- how do you know this? I'm going in with an 84% average from my upper level courses. I feel confident that I will interview pretty well but really want to get as far as that and stand out in my application. Edited to add: Do you have any advice for writing a letter of intent? The pressure is on with only 500 words and so much to say!
  12. Hey Folks! I've started working on my application after a steady year and a half of getting prereqs and increasing my GPA while working full time... This is an exciting time for me! How are your applications going? I am applying only to UBC MOT, and feel good but nervous going in. What has your application experience been so far? Why are you choosing UBC? What are you worried about and what do you feel awesome about?
  13. Thanks! I dig your blog-- it only adds to my excitement! Any tips on a letter of intent? I'm in the process of writing mine now for UBC.
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