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  1. I asked admissions about exactly this issue recently. This was their response: ”You can enter up to 15 credit hours of your highest graded courses from your graduate degree. The remaining courses must be your most recent graded credit hours from your undergraduate degree, to total 60 credit hours”
  2. These days have been so long lately. The news about Kentaro Miura today did not help.
  3. The forums have been rather quiet lately. Are schools holding off on waitlist offers this year?
  4. I think there will be some movement in the next couple of weeks. Hard to say if it will be significant, but today is the deadline to accept initial offers for Dal and I believe deadlines for Ontario ans Western schools are next week. Looking back at old posts it seems there is typically some movement late May/early June.
  5. If it is a joke then it’s very odd. But it sounds more like your opinion than a joke.
  6. That seems like an inappropriate thing to say, honestly.
  7. Reading through old posts, it looks like they interview anywhere between 30 and 70 (!) people for the 10 NB spots. I’ve also seen estimates for waitlist size that range from 15-20 to 30-50 people. Anyone with any ideas which ranges are more accurate or if that has changed from previous years? It appears that only a handful of people have been offered a spot off the NB waitlist so far this year, so now that all other Canadian schools have sent out their decision letters I am trying to gauge my likelihood for an offer off the NB waitlist. My thought is to treat it like a rejection if
  8. I can’t tell whether it’s a good or bad thing if I’m the only user here on the MUN NB waitlist who has yet to receive an offer
  9. If you don’t mind a 20 minute drive to school, Rothesay is a really nice area along the SJ river.
  10. Anyone here on the NB waitlist who hasn’t been offered a spot yet?
  11. Hi all, I thought I would create a new thread so that we aren’t clogging up the pinned thread with waitlist discussions. I just got an acknowledgment letter email from MUN confirming their receipt of my reserve list form and nearly jumped out of my skin. How’s everyone else doing?
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