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  1. Did they respond? I can't seem to find your post
  2. Is it possible that they didn't send any invitations? Shouldn't there be at least one person on this forum who got an invite or knows someone who got one…. There isn't anything on their blog or Facebook page either.
  3. In response to this frivolous debate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfYJsQAhl0
  4. All these novels people have been writing…..lmao
  5. It is so disappointing how people lost their minds over that post. The best part is that some of the people who were most butthurt about it actually had interviews from UofT. I'm rooting for that guy. Why? Because he didn't deserve this kind of negative attention and I personally thought he had a really interesting/well rounded background. Hope all goes well for him.
  6. SpencerV, my thoughts exactly lol Maybe it's a typo?
  7. No news for me either….still hopeful Good luck to everyone who has received an invite so far
  8. Did anybody receive an interview for March 7th? I wonder if those applicants don't use premed forums
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