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  1. Result: Reject cGPA: **3.86 or 3.67 MCAT: Not submitted ECs: weak ... misc. volunteering, fitness advisor, big brother big sister mentor (1.5 years), no research Geography: IP TIME STAMP: sometime after 4pm. Year: 4th year UG Letter of Ext. Cir.: Yes. If grades from first semester not included, then degGPA is 3.86.
  2. I'm a IP applicant in 4th year. My GPA was 3.86 and my DAT scores were not required. I was rejected preinterview by McGill. This is my first time applying to this school.
  3. Ah, I just found their twitter post. They posted that on Wednesday, before the burst of invites that were sent today...so we might actually get more updates tomorrow.
  4. I think b1812 was referring to the preinterview ranking. Like, if you received an invite today, is your preinterview score higher than those that have not heard back yet? Or is this process random?
  5. Are invites all sent in one day? Or is it spread over the next couple business days?
  6. Yeah it said the target date was the 25th. I'm IP too, still ready for review.
  7. I contacted McGill and they told me that the admit type is not related to your applicant category. It only refers to where you study. For me, I'm the reverse. I study in Ontario (my admit type is Ontario Univ), but am from Montreal, an IP applicant.
  8. Applied: Mac PT and Oc, and Western PT Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: 3.69 (cum) and 3.85 (sub)
  9. Thank you for your answer! And yes, I am. I'll follow your suggestion and contact them after the CEGEP results are released. In the meantime I'll stay hopeful and look to improve my application for the next cycle. Thanks again!
  10. Hi Ambassadors, I took three and four courses for a few semesters. I was wondering whether an algorithm will automatically cut me as a prospect? I read that some successful matriculants took four courses in a few semester and of course still got in, however I have not read any cases of successful applicants with any less. Also, if I contact McGill admissions and ask, will they release info as to what was particularly weak in my application if I get rejected pre-interview? Thanks!!
  11. you can apply in your third year but you have to finish your undergrad before you matriculate.
  12. Hi there, Are the courses in the qualifying year for PT considered undergraduate or graduate courses?? If I do my qualifying year of PT at mcgill then apply to medicine, will my qualifying year grades be counted apart of my undergrad GPA calculation? Thanks
  13. I don't recall the CVPN saying we had to have the personal statement section as only one page. All it said was to make sure the line at the bottom doesn't pass the third page.
  14. Does anyone know when we should expect to hear back whether we get an interview invite? Online says TBD. When were students notified last year? Also, do they send a notification through email or do we have to constantly check Minerva?? Thanks! And good luck to everyone that applied!
  15. Hi all, I'm filling in my workbook now for the upcoming application cycle. What did you all put for the CEGEP credit count in the workbook? <45? Thanks, Dillon
  16. For me, GPA is more important. You can always work on your EC's later and then get accepted.
  17. Thanks for the suggestion! Are the personal statement questions the same every year? If so I will start asap.
  18. If you get a DEC you can apply to UOttawa med after a year of undergrad and they'll only use that one year in their GPA calculation. "Your Cegep studies will be recognized as being equivalent to one year of post-secondary university studies provided that you have obtained your Diplôme d’Études Collégiales (DEC). You will need to complete two years of a bachelor’s program of studies (including prerequisite courses) in a recognized university to meet our application eligibility. You would normally apply after your 1st year of university studies. Only the grades obtained during this year o
  19. How does McGill ask for our ECs? Do they send a formatted document where we list our ECs and explain each of them?
  20. I'm in the same position as you. I did one year of business at Concordia and then switched to biology at UofT. How was your degGPA finally calculate? Did they use only york grades? :S
  21. I'm in the same situation as you. What did AEDMED say? I contacted them and got a vague answer. Thanks!
  22. Hi all, I have two semesters where I only took three courses. Will I automatically be eliminated as a candidate? From what I read, 4 course/semester seems fine, although 5 is much preferred. Anyone here got in with less than 4/semester?? Here is my breakdown: Y1 (3.30): 1st semester: 5 courses (2.91) 2nd semester: 5 courses (3.70) Y2 (3.71): 3rd semester: 5 courses (3.66) 4th semester: 3 courses (3.80) Y3 (4.0): 5th semester: 3 courses (4.0); 2 graded, 1 cr/nocr 6th semester: 4 courses (4.0) Summer: 3 courses (4.0) I didn't need to take a full course load to gr
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