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  1. I'm also a multi-time rejected applicant (5 cycles) and I can relate to how you might be feeling. I've moved on and did not interview this cycle, but it's still such an emotional time of the year for me. Even thinking about it sometimes brings tears. I have had some to process all of this and just wanted to share my 2 cents with you. I'm sorry life gave you this outcome. Know that you are not alone and there are many others like you in this boat, including myself. Many don't even bother posting because of how embarrassing it feels to be a multi-time rejected applicant. But this crowd exis
  2. The outstanding students with high gpas, mcat & strong extracurriculars who have multiple interviews usually end up getting in somewhere. It's the people in the middle who always struggle. I had a good gpa, decent mcat and extracurriculars, and I couldn't ever get in after multiple cycles. MMI was one of the factors that weeded me. But you shouldn't give up on medicine if you're genuinely passionate about it. Keep trying and hope someday it'll work out.
  3. Don't go abroad until you've exhausted all options in Canada. But I found this article interesting. Apparently ~60-70% FMGs in Australia were able to secure internships between 2013-2017. There maybe other caveats (i.e rural training, return of service contracts etc) that I'm not aware of. These numbers may've also declined in a recent years due to increased demand from international students and policies may change in the future. So take it with a grain of salt and realize there are significant risks to training abroad.
  4. If you consider the DO statistics from 2018, out of 20,981 applicants approximately 7,575 applicants matriculated (36.1%). A lot of these individuals may have also applied to the USMD route or were not competitive enough. With both the USMD and DO data considered, the admission rate to medical school might be closer to 50% than 40%. 50%/18.1% = 2.75; almost 3x harder to get into a medical school in Canada than in the US. I think this makes sense because on average a Canadian applies 2.5-3x before getting admission to a Canadian school.
  5. I guess this is it. Thanks for gathering that info for us @Ohvalleyofplenty. I know I shouldnt keep hope anymore, but because the school wasnt communicating, it was hard to tell what to expect. Congrats to those of you that that made it in and best of luck to those trying again in future
  6. Welcome to our virtual community and congratulations on your acceptance!!!
  7. Yea its definitely not a good representative. Not a single OOP waitlisted applicant posted here, and I'm sure there's quite a number of them too. Would they answer questions like what % of the class is full now? I'll try asking that when I call them
  8. Yeah, feels strange. Please let your fellow waitlisters know if you get in
  9. Yep, the number of god tier applicants is too high and the number of spots is too low.
  10. I agree, it's definitely very disrespectful. However, I do believe that there are some very understanding supervisors who would be willing to push that cutoff date to late summer. My friend did that deferral at U of C. Just checked the U of A website and oddly they only take 2 MD/PhD students per year. The number is so much higher at U of C
  11. ^I had a friend in your scenarios. It came down to 2 options. Either quit the graduate program which could be still doable if you haven't started. Or defer admission to do grad studies first i.e do MD/PhD.
  12. congrats @frost7337!!! how many others do you know got accepted today?
  13. Glad that the theory doesn't fit. I really thought we would hear of several more acceptances today what do y'all think?
  14. Congrats!!! Hope there's more love from U of A to the rest of us
  15. imo these are drivers waitlist movement: 1- # of people offered at both U of A & U of C. This number probably changes from year to year. I imagine some 50-100 people are offered at both schools. Also, depends on how many of these people end up choosing U of C over U of A. 2- # of people that take their name off waitlist. There's some people that are accepted at U of C or other schools, but they remain waitlisted at U of A. When they remove their name, waitlist moves. 3- depends if U of A over offers like U of C does. I want to think U of A doesnt because they've already sent addit
  16. Your GPA and MCAT don't look too bad for U of A. If you check the stats of accepted applicants, you're right on par. That being if you scored 512 on your first attempt and you think you can do better, then go ahead and try again. If you did it multiple times and 512 is your peak, don't bother writing it. Its actually a pretty decent score for both AB schools. Your ECs don't look too bad either. It could be how you worded them on your application, or maybe the hours were not good enough, or maybe something went wrong with your verifiers. ECs are also quite subjectively assesed and your sc
  17. Not looking very good for me either. At least it gives a sense of closure. Having some hope is more painful than no hope at all :/ If those that are accepted could kindly share their 4 digit # or an estimate of it, it would greatly help us confirm this theory.
  18. Interesting. IP waitlist longer than 100 people then.
  19. To echo @SoldSoulToMED, based on our discussion, we have 2 working theories so far. 1. The waitlist has 100-150 applicants The evidence to support this is that all those waitlisted have EVEN numbers ranging from 9800-9898 (50) OR 9900-9998 (50) OR 10000-10098 (50) . So far, we haven't found any waitlister in the 96xx, 97xx. The Waitlist FAQ document is an odd number that is +1 of the Waitlist 4 digit number. So 9898+1 = 9899 is FAQ.pdf 2. Those with higher numbers, such in the 989x/999x/1009x, are ranked higher on the waitlist This is supported by a few members (n=2) wi
  20. We also found that our waitlist letters are saved with 4 digit letters, ranging from "98xx.pdf" to "99xx.pdf". We're not sure if these numbers correspond to our rank. It could just be a random number for them to identify us on their system
  21. Actually we may have the mystery of 11-131 and 11-130 already solved. 11-131 letters are titled 'Waitlist Offer Letters', whereas 11-130 are 'Conditional Waitlist Offer Letters'. 11-131 probably applies to those who have already graduated or sent in their transcript info. 11-130 likely applies to those finishing up their final year, whose transcripts U of A did not receive/process yet. Kudos to @starmay for figuring this out
  22. I'm not even on the U of O waitlist, but this thread is so entertaining! I'm so AMAZED at how you guys figured this out . The adcoms are probably cheesed!!!!
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