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  1. Does it happen, if at all? Is there any point in ranking uninterviewed programs at all?
  2. Super practical question. I understand that there may be a lot of walking involved on interviews to tour the hospital etc. This may be site dependent but do tours generally involve walking a lot outside? And how much walking are we talking? lol Keeping the snow/rainy weather in mind, is it recommended to wear more practical vs dressier shoes vs flats? Or bring a change of shoes? (assuming they are both equally comfortable options) And ladies, what kind of bags do you take? Crossbody vs tote?
  3. School interviewing at: Dalhousie Specialty: Family Medicine (FM) Current interview date: Jan 25 940-1010am in Ottawa Date would like to switch to: February 1, 2020 in Halifax- any time ok Any additional notes: Double-booked. Would really appreciate a trade! Please and thank you!
  4. Hey saw your post about switching Western's interview date.

    Do you know if they'd be available to facilitate the switch? and if so, who to contact?

    I am on 18th. BTW

    1. statsin


      I think we can email them. They gave us two contacts. I can ask for us. Want to send me ur email? I can cc you. 

  5. Hey, have you found someone to switch for the mac fam med interview?

  6. school interviewing at: Western specialty: Family current interview date: Jan 19, 730am-1pm date would like to switch to: Jan 18 any additional notes: double booked for interviews AND school interviewing at: McMaster specialty: Family current interview date: Jan 25 10:30am date would like to switch to: Jan 19 any time any additional notes: need to make flight, please help!!
  7. As people are travelling away from home for electives, I thought it might be helpful to practice interviews with folks in the same cities + share resources - even if applying for different specialties. I will list mine here. Feel free to use this post to find others in your area. Please PM me if you are in the following cities and want to practice interviews: - Ottawa: Dec 2-Dec 6 - Toronto: Dec 9-Jan 5 - Hamilton: Jan 6-Jan 17 Thanks!
  8. Is doing 4th year derm electives in a community clinic vs academic teaching hospital site a disadvantage give than program director and residents wont see you much? What are some ways to compensate for this- I have heard asking to attending academic half days is fair ask even if you are at a community site. Would appreciate thoughts.
  9. Selling for CAD 105. Almost brand new. Plastic cover is still on. I am currently in med school. Happy to give suggestions on MCAT and applying to schools. Available ASAP. Pick up in Toronto.
  10. Hello! I am looking to buy the following books. I do not mind a used copy and can pick up from Toronto or Halifax. - Case files series. All but esp Internal Medicine, Obs gyn, Emergency medicine - Surgical Recall - Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes - Blue prints for Psychiatrics, Pediatrics, Obs Gyn - Hospital for sick children handbook of pediatrics - ABCs of emergency medicine - Any of the pretest series - First Aid for the Psychiatry Clerkship - Appleton and Lange for Peds, Psych - Recent toronto notes (I missed the discounted deadline and a
  11. I am finding my approach not to be the most effective (googling images and pasting in my notes - it also takes a long time!). I am looking for suggestions on how people study anatomy - reading book and highlighting - apps (my preference) that have the details like articular surfaces, ligaments etc [haven't found this level of detail yet] + allow visualizing in 3D - websites? - anything else? This will be handy for anyone studying medicine so I hope this will be helpful to all! Thanks!!
  12. Looking for thoughts on what would be a good first elective in medical school when you are trying to decide if surgery is your thing and have had zero OR exposure prior to it? Trying to find a good balance b/w getting exposure to surgery but also not too intense that it is a bad experience as a med 1. Apart from this, also curious to hear thoughts on what people's first electives were and any pros or cons to their choice. Thanks!!
  13. Agreed. I also want to offer some encouragement that you sound very capable and reflective to pursue your goals (evident from how you articulated your thoughts and your previous success). If possible, a new university is a great option. It might seem like a fresh start if many ways and become a positive space for you to heal and grow. Good luck with everything! Your strength is admirable to many!
  14. I haven't read much discussion about scholarships for medical school. Has anyone applied for one in the past (school specific, external etc.)? Any experiences or suggestions you have to share?
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