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  1. No unfortunately not - all my eggs are in the UWO basket now!!
  2. Western is not MMI - it is primarily CDA although they say that it has been modified a bit from the traditional old CDA they used to use. From threads over the last two years the consensus appears to be that if you want to prepare - prepping traditional (why western, why dentistry, etc, etc) , behavioural (tell me about a time when you....), and situational (hypothetical situations to which you develop your hypothetical reaction) questions is the best route to go. That's why I'm going full blast on all the material I can get my hands on.
  3. If I remember correctly the person I know (a graduated dent so this was a few years back) - did have to travel for one round of back-to-back labs - can't remember how many days worth but a very efficient way of getting a pre requisite out of the way
  4. Ok folks. U of T interview down - now UWO in our sights. This is do or die for me this year - got an interview last year but didn't make it in -sooooo..... putting my all into making sure I blow this out of the water (I hope I'm not jinxing this before invites go out but I'm pretty confident in my stats this time round). Any insights, suggestions, links, very welcome. Good luck y'all!
  5. You could always do organic chemistry online via Athabasca if it makes it easier.
  6. I agree with everyone's feelings about the tone being much more relaxed than I had expected. It helped me be relaxed and at my best as well. Fingers crossed
  7. I'm going to use the "all or nothing" approach as well - Got an invite to U of T, but also hoping for Western so I'm going to start practicing with both in mind. Can't get enough practice in terms of "scenarios"!!
  8. I agree. Also - as was stated in another thread - while they said "it is no longer cda" - the experiences of many last year were that it still felt a lot like a CDA interview. I'm going the route of better over prepared than not - as long as we keep it natural.
  9. Living in the burbs as I do, I found during underground that the commute in and out of Toronto was also great study time (depends also on whether you want to save some $ - cheaper to go further out - better apartment for the money)
  10. Definitely totally possible to carry a full course-load and DAT study at the same time. I think that's honestly the norm.
  11. I'd also check with them whether they'd allow you to even bring gloves in? They're pretty particular about exactly what materials you're allowed to bring into the exam room.
  12. Absolutely - having access when it doesn't cost you anything seems like a safe bet
  13. Reality is no one actually graduating or newly graduated from either school is going to be honest about the real lack of clinical experience available (at least relative to US schools but unknown relative to each other). Everyone's credibility in their job hunt is hinging on the claim that they've had plenty of experience. The reality is that broadly speaking, the number of cases actually completed in recent years in one of the schools (won't say which), is significantly lower than say 10 - 15 years ago. Unfortunately impossible to get a true read on whether this is the same in both of the two
  14. Yes technically 5 hours but there have been years where there are delays and glitches - and it ends up being later afternoon - more like 7 hours later, depending on the delay.
  15. I'm in the process of working my way through the Dental Interview Plus situational questions and thought we could all benefit by sharing perspective on potential responses - to make sure I'm thinking as broadly as I should about applying the competencies in general. For example "You and a friend are critiquing each other’s work for an assignment. After reading your friend’s work you feel it is not good enough to hand in. What would you do?" I'd appreciate others' thoughts.
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