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  1. I know the initial offers are through OMSAS/ email. They also send out mailed offers to sign and send deposit stuff too so I was more overthinking about that aspect lol ^^ exactly
  2. May 12 is getting closer and my neuroticism is peaking so I have so many random thoughts. Since the admissions office is closed, how do you guys think they'll mail out offers (if they do)?
  3. sounds like the Kira Talent interviews that Mac PT switched to when they stopped doing the MMI https://srs-mcmaster.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/KIRA-TALENTS-BACKGROUND-FOR-WEBSITE_Oct-17-2017.docx.pdf
  4. I was in the AM and there were 3 rotations of 20 people. Assuming that the PM session was the same, it would be about 120 for that day
  5. TIME STAMP: 1:55pm (EST) Jan 30th Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): Feb 29 (MD) Result: Invite‼! cGPA/wGPA: 3.96/3.98 MCAT: above cutoffs (I guess that’s obvious) ECs: NSERC, other undergrad research and pubs, exec of various clubs in both my undergrad and masters, TA during undergrad, event coordinator for welcome week at university department. event first aid jobs, photography. I did stuff that I was interested in and where life took me; I didn't stress myself to get "ideal" ECs because I know I'd hate it Essays: reflected a lot before writing them; I ended up ha
  6. Time Stamp: Jan 8th @ 9:45 Invite/Reject: rejected GPA: 3.96 CARS: 126 Casper: honestly felt quite average about it. felt like I had some great responses and also got cut off Geography: IP, completed MSc Knew that I had to overcome the low CARS score so it's sad but not unexpected.
  7. I'd like to join you guys too! I'm in ottawa but I'm from the gta so depending on what happens in the next bit, I could be home for the summer
  8. I'm in Ottawa too and I was wondering if you'd wanna be MCAT study partners with me? Then we wouldn't have to purchase the course
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