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  1. school interviewing at: UBC specialty: FM current interview date: Jan 26 AM date would like to switch to: Jan 11 early PM any additional notes: please pm!
  2. school interviewing at: Dalhousie (but interview location is Calgary) specialty: Family Medicine current interview date: Jan 16 (2:55-3:25pm) in Calgary date would like to switch to: Jan 16 (earlier in the day, between 7-10am) any additional notes: Need to fly back to Ottawa for a wedding the next day! Flights between Calgary and Ottawa take 6 hours with the time change
  3. You can use whatever your heart desires. No compatibility issues at the UofA.
  4. 1. It starts the day they say it starts. Not a trick . Some people organize meet-ups during the summer so watch out for these on the Facebook page! 2. They would tell you if they need you to get/update yours, and it's BLS that you would need. 3. They organize bulk steth orders too during the school year (a few bucks cheaper)! CONGRATS and WELCOME!
  5. UofA offers several international electives through partnerships with a myriad of institutions, in addition to the IFMSA-led international electives available to all students in Canada. If you do one through either channel, most of the paperwork is taken care of for you. After you finish M1 your options might be limited for other Canadian institutions or schools in the USA, who less likely take preclerkship students; you might have to find your own contacts for these.
  6. Sounds like you are already good on paper, and I would not personally go abroad if you have been getting interviews. Focus on naturally getting better on speaking and verbalizing your thoughts, and not just practicing "interview speak". Join groups like the debate society or toastmasters to get a chance to form your own thoughts and defend it within a time limit. Work a job where you have to think and talk on the spot (customer service, tour guides, tutoring small groups). Remember that the interview is testing exactly those attributes, as you undoubtedly need them as an aspiring doc. On
  7. Being in this medical school for almost 2 years now, I have yet to see any sliver of this "cutthroat" competition, because honestly, ain't nobody got time for that. Medical school is quite a bit of work, so people just support each other in every way possible. Literally everyone I have met so far has been the most helpful, respectful, sharing individuals you could ever meet. You will never go wrong in picking either school, but if you'd be basing your decision on the presence of a culture of collegiality, support and wellness, UofA will be a perfect choice.
  8. Reviving this thread as we've been getting quite a few talks from several brokers. Are there specific things I should be looking for in a broker? Any questions I should ask before I sign up? They all offer the same RBC insurance. I already have our province-specific disability insurance, but would like to get another while early in my studies/career.
  9. For the sake of argument, if we exclude Francophone med schools and students from the stats (because of the potential language barrier): After the 2nd iteration, there are only 7 anglophone residency spots available for the 99 non-Quebec unmatched CMGs (both current [60] and prior years [39]).
  10. plane


  11. Hey, M2 here with a question about the value of electives after Carms interviews (i.e. electives around February-March). It's possible that I might get 3-4 weeks of post-carms electives after our tracks lottery so I was wondering what people thought. Are these electives still helpful for someone considering a surgical specialty? What does everyone think of: 1) doing these electives on this surgical specialty in a less desired location 2) doing them on your backup discipline 3) doing something completely different or internationally Thanks!
  12. Use the space in the application form to detail the terms of the award.
  13. The ones that were sent earlier today were probably only accessible to students who went to the UofA this past year, because you had to be a student to apply. But don't worry, there are more scholarships and bursaries for this year! Edit: Not sure if the entrance ones have been sent out, but those are different from what were released today.
  14. The safer way is to put your school's Registrar or Scholarship/Awards Office.
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