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  1. Check your letter of acceptance ! There is a website link that you can follow that has all of the information!
  2. Admitted with condition, MD PhD IP hang in there for those who haven't heard!!
  3. I am starting to find this wait long too!! Hang in there everyone, hopefully just a week or so to go!!! :0)
  4. I don't know for any of the other interviewees, but I was really hoping and holding on to the idea the website was right hahaha!! But: March 16th it is! Never thought this wait would feel so long!! Time to keep busy Hang in there everyone!
  5. Yeah! Thanks I had actually read it a year ago. Before he became Director. Very good book!
  6. I have a few questions: For all those applying MD/PhD, when are your interviews? Are we all interviewed together? I'm interviewing Feb 16th AM. Also does anyone have any information about how many candidates they are looking to accept? Med Ambassadors said they were expanding the program, any news? What does this mean for future students? Thanks guys!
  7. Hey everyone, As was suggested, I thought I would start a discussion for all MD-PhD related questions! Wishing everyone the best of luck with interviews!
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