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  1. Did this route but did GI and hep fellowship so 6 years plus motility and getting certified in advance procedures. You have to do the Canadian Boards if you only have 4 years (3 years IM + 1 year chief or ID, Sleep, geriatric). My recommendation is to do 5 years of IM, do the boards in US and Canada, way much easier to find jobs, get licensed and start your own clinic
  2. If rural and no Gastroenterologist are there (like northern remote Manitoba) I know in Maritime provinces you wont get the privilege at the hospital. In PEI I think currently there is 1 GI, and still no surgeons or FM have the privilege. Now in the USA (FM and Surgery can do colonoscopy if trained but those are for over night calls, so just imagine). I signed a contract in a hospital, and I have it in my contract that if anyone other than a GI does any procedure from my pool of patients or in the hospital, I can terminate my contract with the hospital at my will and the
  3. What tickles my brain all the time is this: I did rotations, electives in Canada in Gastro/IBD/Hep so I know how nice it is. Toronto, Ottawa, Alberta.Wow, extremely strong and awesome programs with fantastic people. The calls as I recall was so fun, I won't name Doctors but all I can say is that every single GI went out of his or her own way to make sure I learned what I had to. The LORs I got from them are far most comprehensive and detailed. I remember during my IVs for fellowship in States, They all pointed out to the fact how strong the Canadian LORs are. ABIM allows up t
  4. No I did not write the QE1/QE2. 6 month by Province Royal College was like 2 months and they did it during both residency and fellowship
  5. I am getting paid pretty well, is not money, is the Canadian Culture I miss, is my family and friends I miss. I want to come back and I have applied for the licensure, but guess what, RCPSC approves my training but the Provinces licensure society is telling me I need1-year of supervision. So far all the places I contacted in Ontario do no support supervised practice. Also, they told me I need at least 6 months for my license to be approved. So I had to sign a 3-year contract here. Honestly, I would sincerely appreciate any help in regards to finding a place to work in
  6. Not being able to actually use the non-invasive test to detect CRC or polyp. The low rate of ADR (adenoma detection rate) due to the volume they want us to do. everything is based on your work relative value units, so is all precedures, 10 mints patients follow up 20-30 mints new patients. so much paper work (EMR) systems and covering not just clinic but multiple sites all with different electronic healtcare system. But the worst is that everyone has a different type of insurance and the hospital cares for each person differently from VIP service to those they knew will n
  7. GI Here, Canadian, ABIM Certified Trained in States. My suggestion: do not come to the USA. There are 1 million dollar potential jobs but guess where? in places where you be on call 1:2 or you are the only GI in the city. Do not come to the USA thinking you will make 1 million in NYC or Major Metropolitan. The most you will make and that is like if you do 20 procedures a day with clinic seeing 16 patients is around 700K and you are still on call 1:3. I will come back to Canada, work part time if I have too, the healthcare system here is much different from Canada
  8. This is for IMG or Quebec medical students. If you have done IELTS you need it to be sent to the institutions.
  9. Take it from me, who has done a residency and currently doing a competitive fellowship in the USA, and I use Caps so I make my point across. DO NOT DO RESIDENCY IN USA if YOU WANT TO END UP BACK IN CANADA. Reasons: 1) Duration of Residency in the USA is not acceptable for RCPSC (Most Residencies) 2) The route back is so hard that you will end up being jobless for at least 6 months if you do end up coming back 3) USMLE Steps are no joke and getting electives at places (Harvard, Yale, Hopkins, and UCLA) is very hard. Advice: 1) Do the
  10. I am so sad I did not match to Canada for GI, spending another 3 years here for fellowship would be super hard now.
  11. I matched to fellowship in the USA, first choice, My advice for whoever wants to do fellowship in Canada, DO YOUR RESIDENCY IN CANADA DO NOT THINK GOING TO USA will make it easier for you to match to Canada. Although I had interviews, received positive feedback, ALL SAID THE SAME THING. If I could only turn back time, I would do my residency in CANADA. LOVE CANADA and I pray i can come work here, love you all
  12. I am wondering if anyone who applied to MSM got a email back when they said a thank you email. Or is this not a norm for CaRMS
  13. as GIM do we code just A135 or can we bundle up depending on the visit. For example, Pt comes in for has problem sleeping, has osteoporosis (do exam of the joint 2 mints) complains of shortness of breath ( do lung and heart refer) is this all one code can you give me an example where codes are bundles in a 30 mint or shorter visit, or even longer the 75 mint ones
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