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  1. No need to worry Negative information stays 6 years on your file in Canada, 7 years in the States. That includes late payments. I forgot once about a credit card 4 years ago, it went to collection, my credit score was abysmal went i applied first time for my LOC at RBC (low 500, bad, bad) I got refused the LOC, but they gave me a 1000$ limit credit card. In three months my score was back to low 600's. Me and my counsellor applied again, got accepted for a 50k$ LOC (no co-signers, even with my bad credit). 8 months later, aka today, my score is still low 600's (will be bad fo
  2. Hello! Question venant de ma copine, qui rentre en 3e année de médecine vétérinaire à l'Udem, et qui a toujours visé médecine vétérinaire mais qui se trouve désillusioné à fond par rapport à la structure du programme et surtout, par la vie en générale à St-Hyacinthe. Depuis quelque temps, elle pense sérieusement à changer de programme pour revenir étudier en ville, et une des alternatives qu'elle se voit faire, c'est la médecine humaine. Je voulais savoir, si elle appliquait cette année en med, elle serait considéré dans quelle catégorie pour Udem? Elle a pas de diplome universitaire,
  3. No idea how they look at it, but it is well known on this forum, and you can look at it through older posts, that the science pre-req criteria is to be taken with a grain of salt, especially if you did them in CEGEP and then did well in a science bachelor afterwards For example, I myself had a 2.7 science pre-req, gracieusete du cegep, and still managed to be accepted this year (250 interviewed for 90 spots). Same goes for a few other users here My bet is that of you do well in university-level chem, phgy, biol courses, they won't hold a grudge for flunking your cegep science courses
  4. Pour le pré-clinique, je pense m'acheter le nouveau Dell XPS 13, http://www.dell.com/ca/p/xps-13-9343-laptop/pd Les reviews sur l'internet en font le meilleur ultrabook: petit, léger, beau et performant Et de toute façon, Windows>>Apple *grabs popcorn*
  5. In Montreal, I got the Visa Platinum Avion with RBC, including the VIP package with fees waived for one year. I don't think there's much of a difference between the Platinum and the Infinite Avion. Didn't ask for the LOC just yet though, I will be staying at my parent's place and tuition is cheap down here, too much temptation to spend beyond what I need
  6. Question un peu idiote: j'ai un rdv avec MD financial la semaine prochaine (pour parler de marge, budget/finance etc.), est-ce qu'il attache un frais à leur consultation ou c'est comme avec les banques?
  7. Fuuuu bruhhh best of luck, encore du temps pour bouger though Sinon tu sais très bien que l'an prochain c'est ton tour
  8. Melancholyhill et vicecityninja, vous étiez à quelle position respectivement au départ sur la liste d'attente? Elle a pas l'air de descendre de beaucoup cette année, l'an passé c'était dans les 40 si je ne m'abuse... Bonne chance/patience! Et sinon, c'est partie remise au prochain cycle d'admission!
  9. Je crois que ça veut simplement dire que les options pour les résidents en médecine de famille vont être limitées aux régions où il y a un manque de médecins de famille: une vision un peu utilitariste à la Kant. Néanmoins, je suis persuadé que c'est une bonne approche pour hausser le % d'accès à un med fam. ''Déménager'' pour le boulot dans un lieu où la demande est forte est assez commun dans toutes les sphères du travail contemporain, je ne vois pas pourquoi ce ne serait pas le cas en médecine non plus.
  10. physio/ergo is a no-brainer, tout simplement parce que si tu performes bien, ta CRU va exploser le cut-off pour des entrevues universitaires
  11. Name your price and I'll tell you who he is (just kidding)
  12. Maclean's ranks McGill first, in front of UoT, but the Times ranking, about clinical, pre-clinical and health schools worldwide, has UoT 13th and McGill 20th. However, these ranking are pretty much based on research, like the following criterias for Times: Teaching: the learning environment – 27.5 per cent Research: volume, income and reputation – 27.5 per cent Citations: research influence – 35 per cent International outlook: staff, students and research - 7.5 per cent Industry income: innovation – 2.5 per cent Only a third of the overall score actually seems to be about the qual
  13. http://www.cprnetwork.ca/upcoming_courses.php Was recommended to us by the Fac of med
  14. Yeah well just like you said, it takes time and effort, so when in the midst of a change of curriculum, I wouldn't expect everything to be perfect: as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong), Udem, Ulaval and USherb are not currently changing curriculums, thus less likely to be found non-compliant on issues such as class content or administrative work.
  15. J'ai un ami avec une cote très similaire qui a été accepté aux quatres universités de médecine du Québec ce cycle-ci. L'implication sociale va seulement t'aider pour McGill, par contre: ce sont les seuls à en tenir compte.
  16. It's actually working out pretty good, the new curriculum was noted as a strenght by the new comitee. McGill still has some overlap with the old one, thus the problems
  17. I'm using the one posted by Sceptical A lot of things involving being aware of educational objectives, narratives assessments, curriculum mapping, speed of grades posting (lol), 3-4 about not visiting something something in Gatineau enough. Administrative fixes. Most of them were in the ''non-compliant'' section. Off course, considering McGill has started a new curriculum recently, some course content has been found to be lacking, some supervisions have been inadequate, etc. Most of them are compliant, with a need for monitoring. Not worried about those at all: new curriculum, new hos
  18. And from reading the whole report, the majority of the issue at hand really seems to be administrative - unfortunately, the whole story was overblown by our lovely montreal medias, who didn't even care about posting any of the files relevant to the problematic. More McGill bashing wouhou!
  19. Ahhhhh I recognise you now from the Class of 2019 group ;D
  20. Study hard, train harder, party hardest
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