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  1. Hi everyone! i was wondering if anyone knew any school in the states that do not require the applicant to write the NDBE part I and part II. I do not know where to find the information... The applications are due soon and I would like to know asap. Thank you for your help!
  2. Hi everyone, I am slowly starting to look for GPR or AGD residency programs in Canada and I was wondering if there was one in particular you would recommend. I was considering UBC but I heard it was really bad (not enough hands on dentistry). I study dentistry in Montreal at the moment so I will definitely apply into residency programs there as well. thank you so much for your help!
  3. Hi everyone, I have a big amount of debts from school and life and I was wondering what could be my options as a dentist once I graduate from school. Has anyone here been working up north? I have a friend who went to yellowknife and told me he made a lot of money but I don't know if he is exaggerating because 350k-400k a year when you are a fresh new grad... i tend to doubt it :/ A lot of people would go to yellowknife or the middle of nowhere if it were true. Also, how was the experience? How are the people there? The work conditions etc. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I am starting my 3rd year of dental school in august and I applied to the canadian forces to become a military dentist. I wrote my aptitude test but they told me there were 7 people on the waiting list before me. I have friends in the army and the army recruiter that came last year told us they were almost "desperate" to recruit dental students so I was a bit surprised and disappointed that I would at least have to wait for another year (maybe two and by then I will have graduated...) to join the canadian forces. Is anyone in the same situation? Is anyone a dentis
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