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  1. Just graduated and decided to use my LOC to pay off my OSAP. When I log into OSAP it shows my OSOG for the 14-15 year should be dispersed in July 2016, but I paid off my OSAP last week. I know the OSOG is sent directly to the NSLSC to pay down your loan, but I am wondering how this will work since my loan balance with them is $0? Will they give me this money directly now or is the money lost into oblivion since I paid off my loan? Thanks.
  2. Looking to book post-exam travel/flights...On a given exam date what is the latest that the exam runs until in the afternoon/evening. Thanks in advance!
  3. Did anyone receive official rejection from Ottawa? I thought they noted they would notify all applicants?
  4. I have heard about the $750/month bursary given to med students in their final 12 months to total $9000. Is this bursary still in place? I tried a quick search and could only find that the OMA no longer administers it and apparently it's now the MOHLTC that does. Any students who are graduating this spring actually receive this money in the past 12 months? Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone. I applied to a UBC elective for this upcoming summer. I emailed in my Home School Verification form over two weeks ago (and got a reply that my form was received). When I log into my application, under 'Verified Application' it still says "Not Received." Is this normal for it to take such a time to update this step of application process?
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