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  1. I think that a family physician can diagnose common skin diseases. There is almost no way that a family physician has more derm experience and derm knowledge than a dermatologist.
  2. Wow is this true?!?! You only need 427/950 to pass? That's like 45%...
  3. So I guess it basically depends on your program director.
  4. Ouais, c'est juste un peu "honteux" de couler LMCC quand tu parles avec ton directeur de programme. Mais 5% des étudiants le coulent à chaque année; ce qui est énorme.
  5. Hey guys, I'm from a french university. I was wondering what happens when you fail LMCC when you are already matched to a program in Quebec. Can you lose the residency spot? You are basically delayed a year at least? Thanks!
  6. I think that it is always among the most competitive. It never changes. I applied and didn't even get an interview this year.
  7. I am a fourth year MD student. I have a 4 weeks elective in my specialty of choice in late september. I would like a reference letter from an attending if possible. Is it too late to ask for a reference letter? Since they only have maybe a month to do so? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm a MS3 in Sherbrooke. I recently developed an interest for dermatology after an elective last september. I have bad preclinical grades (B-/C+) average and every derm program (especially in Quebec) seems to be asking above-average grades. I have above-average clinical grades and an excellent evaluation for my derm elective. Should I just give up on it? Is there anything I can really do? Thanks! Andy
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