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  1. Super understandable to feel stressed! Granted I went through this 4 years ago, but I recall having a minor typo and emailing them a correction. It didn't seem frowned upon, they just said they would note it down. That said I don't think I would bother with that again if it were to be the case. Honestly, I highly doubt this will take your application from the yes pile to the no pile. The ABS is kinda dry and cold, I think it would be a slightly bigger issue if it were in a personal statement of interest etc. Rest easy friend! I know its worrisome, I'd be worried too but honestly I don't t
  2. Thanks! You're a gem! Good luck to ya It's usually a crappy feeling post interview but I've gotta learn to look past that and hope for the best. Sometimes internet strangers can slap some good sense into me behind the veil of anonymity hahah. 4/20 cannot come soon enough.
  3. ^^ Hello, I'm sorry if that struck you the wrong way! Maybe I typed in haste and I'll be cautious to not share the number of interviews I have anymore? But honestly its just how I'm feeling about the process! I do have social supports as well, I suspect we all do, but this place is another medium to vent, find/give support. Yeesh. That said, I appreciate the perspective, despite how condescending you sound.
  4. I can't help but overanalyze how each of my interviews didn't go well and fear that I'm doomed to go unmatched I hate this process. Edits: Edited the number of interviews out, my apologies if this struck people the wrong way. Irrational fears still feel real and interviews are stressful regardless ! Obviously I'm incredibly thankful for the interviews I do have and meant to throw no shade at anyone.
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