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  1. Hey! Anglophone here who got accepted into the French stream. I am deciding between schools and I was wondering if it is possible to write the exams in either language?
  2. I'd love to get current student's honest opinion on this: For anyone coming into the MDCM first year class NOT from Med-P, are the Med-Ps kind of cliquey?
  3. I got a Littman for a Christmas present one year. Would it be weird if I just used the one that I already have instead of ordering it with the group? i wanna fit in with the crowd...
  4. Heeey I was wondering if anyone knows what they mean by "studies currently in progress must be at a level comparable to past academic performance." Where do they draw the line between "comparable" and "non comparable" ?
  5. Hey, thanks for the response! It's a 0.5. That is a really good idea, I never would have thought of asking the school about P/F.
  6. Heeey so in the acceptance letter it says the following: I am taking a course right now that I have not been doing so hot in, and I am concerned that they will take away my acceptance because of that. It's my second degree (if that helps) and the course is not part of the ones required for admission. What do they mean by "comparable to"? Comparatively, my grade will end up being quite lower than what they have on my record. Any thoughts, ideas, opinions? Please and thanks , all are welcome
  7. TIME STAMP: 12:05pm (when i checked) Result: Waitlist #1 ECs: PM me IP/OOP/International: OOP Anyone know when the waitlist will start moving?!
  8. Hey everyone, Can any current McGill dental students comment on the small class size? I am not sure if 30 students would be beneficial or not. With larger classes you may not all get the same opportunities, but at least you have some anonymity. Is 30 students too small?
  9. Apparently 8 ppl got accepted off the OOP waitlist last year!
  10. Does it indicate the admission decision in the email subject line (accepted, waitlisted, refused) ?
  11. Last year they told us "week of March 21st" and they told us the day of March 21st. April 17th is Easter Monday, but most places in Quebec are open that day, so I would assume it still remains a possible day for sending out the results.
  12. This is an article about the MPI that highlights some of the characteristics they are looking for: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s40037-016-0298-9
  13. Hey, for Toronto the questions will be different for each interview date.
  14. Thanks Coronaxtra. Wow, that would mean that you have a better chance of getting acceptance/waitlist than getting a refusal.
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