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  1. not to be mean but please post your time stamps if youre going to post all your other information
  2. 4 days... does anyone know what time they release in PST?
  3. even UBC MMI which is not standardized CDA structure?
  4. does anyone know when ubc release interview invites? i think it was the 18th last year. is this consistent with previous years?
  5. i pretended like the pattern folding section didnt exist from the beginning
  6. 2014/2015 cycle: 20 people posted regrets stats (full-file review) / 1417 total regrets sent (full-file review) = 1.41% reported 2015/2016 cycle: 20 people posted regrets stats (full-file review) / 1117 total regrets sent (full-file review) = 1.79% reported 2016/2017 cycle: 24 people posted regrets stats (full-file review) / 1364 total regrets sent (full-file review) = 1.75% reported may be off by 1-2 when counting posts but it seems pretty consistent this year with others. not sure how much weight this holds in determining if there will be another wave of rejections...
  7. 3 years ago, did they have rejections on monday as well or just on wednesday as you stated
  8. yes and theyre there 87.75 aGPA IP, 27.48 AQ IP 92.05 aGPA OOP, 34.27 AQ OOP lol
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