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  1. They're subdivided on the actual application into: poster presentation or an oral presentation.
  2. Not sure if others have noticed, but abstracts are no longer being considered as apart of the research publications tab for this years application. I was pretty upset by this decision as I have a few significant abstract publications at international conferences that were the result of a lot of hard work and something to show for for my years of research experience. The only other relevant outcome was a presentation at a local conference/research week type deal. Journal publications are pending and a work in progress - largely due to political issues (authors, funding). Would it be b
  3. I'd like to think that the NAQ is reflective of the overall applicant pool and based upon how similar/dissimilar your activities are in comparison to others. I can't see any other way in terms of how they would 'standardize' unique activities, and this may account for fluctuating NAQ scores on a year by year basis. Otherwise my guess is as good as yours.
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