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  1. I'm in OT at U of T and they told us they used a cut off of 3.7 initially, although people with lower GPAs got waitlisted and eventually accepted. So your chances are good!
  2. Just remember that GPA is not everything! Work hard on your personal statements and try to stay positive! Good luck
  3. Hey, The GPA stuff can be super confusing for sure! The averaging of an entire year does apply to everyone, it just depends on your specific situation. I think in your case it depends on how many courses you took after you graduated. For example, if you took 10 extra courses, then they would look at those and all your 4th year credits and no more. But if you only took 8 for example, they would end up taking the average of your entire 3rd year and count that twice in order to get to 20 credits (8 from after graduating + 10 from 4th year + average of 3rd year counted twice). I don't know if
  4. My sGPA was a 3.8. In case this is helpful, at our open house in May for students who had already been accepted, they told us that they used a cut-off of 3.7 initially. I do know people in the program with lower GPAs who I believe were on the waitlist and then got in so I think that you can get in with lower than a 3.7 if you have some great experiences! I talked a little about how I structured my personal statement in my previous post but I'm not sure if that was helpful, haha. Basically, I really think it's important for you to be yourself and not make it like a formal essay. And give yo
  5. Hey OTea, 1. I can tell you that other than just 2 days of shadowing, I had NO OT-specific experience before the program. Most of my background has actually been in research through co-op at Waterloo and I think that it helped me get in because U of T really values research and it's a big part of OT! Other than that, I had experience doing recreation programming with older adults in a day out centre and at a long-term care facility so I was able to tie in the skills I had from those experiences to OT (e.g. communication, documentation). I think a lot of people may stress over the fact that
  6. Hey, I'd also love to help anyone who may have questions! I applied to OT at Queen's, Western and U of T and got accepted to all three. I'm at U of T now so if anyone has specific questions about the application process or the program, ask away!
  7. Congrats!! That is great news! Looking forward to meeting you in the fall Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/871188372926689/
  8. The money for the deposit actually came out of my account yesterday so I guess they've started depositing the cheques already
  9. I actually got an email today saying they got my form! Just so you know to expect it
  10. I don't think they let us know, although I really wish they did! I agree, mailing cheques makes me nervous and I want to make sure they got it. I'm guessing they also won't actually deposit any until they get all of them. I also would like to get started on all the stuff we have to do (the immunizations, CPR, etc.) sooner rather than later, but we have to wait for them to email us about that, which I think won't be until July? Oh well!
  11. I firm accepted on the 16th and mailed in my deposit last Thursday and I haven't heard anything from them, so I wouldn't worry They are probably waiting until everyone accepts before sending anything else.
  12. They didn't say anything about the waitlist unfortunately! All they said was that they sent out fewer offers this year so that the class size wouldn't be as large.
  13. Hey, I know I had already replied to your question but I wanted to tell you that the graduate co-ordinator at the welcome event today told us that they used a cut-off of 3.7 this year. She also said that there were a lot more applications this year. Hope that helps!
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