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  1. Mix of everything...1) I applied late 2) Family issues/conflict 3) I applied to many schools not accepting Canadians 4) I've lived in the city all of my life and decided to go out in live in an area that is rural so that I could have a different perspective/experience
  2. Man, I've been following your posts lately and you are one smart, badass man (srs). You speak the truth...I like it! Like you, I will be attending medical school in the states in the fall (Tennessee to be exact) instead of in Canada. As you mentioned, I have not had a single problem with visas at all. The only concern for US schools is the money, but in the OP's case that's null (Even then, I've found that bank loans + student loans should cover everything).
  3. All I can say is if you are legit going to apply to all the schools you mentioned above you should at minimum get 5 interviews...
  4. Cycle: 2014-2015 cGPA: 3.91 sGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 29 Applied to 6 DO schools. Interviewed: Lincoln Memorial University, Nova Southeastern University and Liberty University Waitlist: Nova Southeastern University (Good chance I will be accepted) Accepted: Lincoln Memorial University
  5. Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Regrets In Province (IP)/ Out of Province(OOP): IP GPA(x.xx/4.5): 4.35/4.5 MCAT (xx.xx/15): 9.5 Rural/Non-Rural: non-rural Advanced Academics (PhD, pubs, academic appointment): none Not surprised with the rejection since my MCAT was super low.
  6. I tried calling again to Jessica, Jody and the admin. assistants, but no one picked up. My guess is that they have been receiving a ton of calls regarding this problem and are fixing it as we speak (hopefully!). Boy, at least this forum made this dreadful experience less dreadful knowing that it wasn't just me experiencing this email problem...
  7. Most likely a glitch. I phoned the admin. office not too long ago and the lady on the phone said all emails were sent at noon.
  8. Yeah, I'm really nervous too. I feel like such a wildcard: I could be accepted, wait-listed or rejected based on my circumstance (High GPA, Low MCAT and above avg. MMI). I guess I should expect to be rejected so that I don't disappoint myself...
  9. This was definitely an MMI where you had to go straight to your points or your interviewers were going to go ballistic on you. Depending on what date/time you did your MMI, there was a good chance that all of your prompts were really long and specific (therefore, you essentially could not prepare for these prompts in the way that you would normally do it when you practice at home). Hearing back from a friend who took the MMI a year ago, the UofM MMI completely 180'd their MMI style questions from more personal/experience to logic/ethics/critical thinking! I guess the admins wanted to see if a
  10. The only possible way that will happen is if you could not finish med school for whatever reason - but if you have gotten this far from undergrad you should pass med school without any problems. Once the banks release the funds to you, all you need to show to the bank is a yearly enrollment letter to attain student status and continue on with the bank loan. The cosigner is not in the picture at all.
  11. You have to request the LOCs on the same time, at least that is what I did. At that point, banks do not know your history or debt load with other banks
  12. I am somewhat at the same crossroads, but I am confident that the extra debt load is more than manageable as a doctor. If you are talking problems about financing during school, take out multiple bank loans from different banks (I've done this so far with three banks in Canada) and you should have no problems financing your American education.
  13. If you apply early and broadly, you should be able to land an interview (at the very least) at a USMD school. Our stats are nearly identical and I received a couple of offers from both MD (low tier) and DO school.
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