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  1. I found accommodation through kijiji and it was close to school. hope all the oop students have found or are close to finding accommodation
  2. I think it is possible. even though i did it for PT, i think it is similar for OT. but u should do it before school starts or asap.
  3. You could keep it and see if you can juggle both. If you can't, just quit then. Like OTMac17 said, it depends on you. If you are the type that is easily stressed out by school work, working might not be a good idea. There are some people who have great time management and do not stress out so much about school work but are still able to stay on top of it. Those people are. You have to decide which group you fall into or just try it and find out if you can do it. Good luck
  4. The OT waitlist seems to be moving so am assuming the PT waitlist will too. I hope you get in,
  5. http://www.iss.ualberta.ca/PreparingForUAlberta/FindingPlacetoLive.aspx Above is a link we might find useful. Also, is anyone starting a fb group? if not, I am happy to start one for us. Please let me know.
  6. Hi UofA PT/OT students. It is not secret that accommodation is expensive in Edmonton. So I thought I could start a topic to share tips about renting and to look for roommates since most of us will probably be sharing. Do not hesitate to let us know if you find an affordable place. Plus it would be nice to get to know one another before school starts. .
  7. I do not want to share but it is looking like it might be cost effective to consider sharing, Damn rent is costly in Edmonton.. Sharing will be my last choice though. Goodluck to us all
  8. I found this link http://www.iss.ualberta.ca/PreparingForUAlberta/FindingPlacetoLive.aspx Hope it helps. I am looking to rent as well. I am OOP
  9. lol. ok. all good. looks like the closer u are to campus, the more it costs. at least from kijiji, am working on it though. see you in the fall!!!!! congrats
  10. oh thank you. You moved already? Congrats on getting into OT. how was the move like? I am a bit worried about finding affordable housing and the cost of moving my stuff lol. Any pointers you want to give me?
  11. You could try UofA, Queens, UofM and Dalhousie. It might be worth the shot with a 3.6 GPA.
  12. Where are all the UofA PT students. I am an OOP student coming from Manitoba. I am excited to meet my new classmates in July. Post on here if you are attending UofA. Looking forward to meeting you all. I thought we could share tips on preps for PT school here. Congrats to us all.
  13. Took my name off all waitlists I am on so the waitlist should move up. Good luck to all those on the waitlist.
  14. true. u have time. All the best. At lease you got accepted somewhere
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