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  1. AGPA: 83.4 I have come to learn that the EC train can only carry you so far. If my mans Bernoulli blesses me, I am going to push out the toothpaste tube another 2% to get me to 85% hopefully bumping AQ up. Crazy to think that in the previous cycle the TFR's were lower! Wild. Going rogue and preparing for next winter.
  2. I appreciate it! I'm 24 now but I have been grinding NAQ since I post high-school (since 18, so about 6 years). Summer of grade 12 I did an overseas english teaching program and health sanitation practice in developing country, I volunteered at VCH for 6 years, coached sports 9 years, 6 work positions, research (no pubs), involvement in science community, involvement in ethnic community, lots of charity work, sports advocacy, outdoor sports, competitive basketball leagues. When choosing activities I tried to hit the Canmeds roles, but chose activities in stuff I liked (i.e not hospital limited
  3. Hey thanks for your response. That is awesome that they count the courses! Personally my NAQ is pretty juiced (75th-100th) and I think the only option right now for me is to up that AQ which set me back. However, with that being said I am continually working on my NAQ with work, volunteering etc. Appreciate your time.
  4. Hello everyone, Regrets, you have not been invited for an interview. With the shocking subject line, I have cultivated the motivation after an egg-noggy holiday, to squeeze out another percent or so to my GPA. My TFR was 53 and with the cut off being at 53, I realized each year it gets more competitive and therefore I should improve my GPA, while I continue to pursue this path. My question: Do courses at UBC as an unclassified student count towards your AGPA? My question 2: Do courses at TRU OL count towards your AGPA? My question 3: Is it possible to take 3 course
  5. hey i was thinking about doing this. i am doing some pre-reqs on the ubc extended learning website. did you find that it impacted your GPA? thats what im nervous about with those computer classes.
  6. if i see you in class, next august we are friends. i've been doing the same. going nomad style. stressful week.
  7. "M Huncho" lool. nice. nice cars skillz. scary time here. best of luck everyone
  8. I was wondering if I should take Organic Chemistry (Chem 233 UBC) in the summer , which is a requisite course however I just want to complete it and get it done with. However I have read that some medical schools will ask me why I took the course in the summer instead of the school year. Is this true?
  9. Thank you guys for your responses Yes I am very worried. I just want to get that across. I just wanted you to expand on the part where you mentioned "they may ask about it" If I have an explanation where it is suitable enough for my reasons would they reconsider me?
  10. Recently did my first semester at UBC and failed math. My pre req courses were good marks for the first semester, but not the best; however, I am not too worried on that because I will improve. (Not worried for Pre Req Courses) (Worried for Math and that Fail yes) Do Med Schools look at your transcript and see your F "Fail" as a big NO NO, regardless of the EC's you have done or the improvement of what is yet to come. Or do they look at your transcript and OMIT the first year courses and not look at the FAIL so harshly. (UBC and other med schools drop the lowest average year. For me
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