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  1. out of my good citizenship i have dealt with it myself self-policing is a more lasting remedy
  2. Dear McSchwartz91 The 9 BS is problematic and will immediately screen you out at Queens and Western. It's unfortunate, but the MCAT is a tribulation that all aspiring physicians must surpass in some way, shape or form. I wish you the best in your journey to surpassing it.
  3. An interesting analogy, MathToMed, however I regret my disagreement. A QuARMS student can hardly be likened to a paraplegic. In this fictional reverie you have produced for us, a QuARMS student is best thought of as possessing a jet pack, traversing treacherous waters through flight while the remaining, less privileged folk swim the turbulent waters. If there is any paraplegic in this situation, I dare say it would be the non-traditional, mature applicant who is inextricably attached to a GPA not reflective of his/her current academic prowess. Nonetheless, the point of which analogy is mos
  4. Often, students who have published at this age do so by virtue of possessing auspicious connections, not because they have anything impressive enough about to them to warrant that exaltation. For instance, their parents may be physicians, researchers, etc. I've seen it happen. The EC centricity of the QuARMS evaluation favours those from cities large enough to house such an array of extracurricular activities, whereas the MD admission from undergrad is more holistic and less tunnel-visioned on one aspect of excellence. Yet these qualities should not warrant bypassing items 1 through 5 whic
  5. I've been mulling over this topic for a while now. Regrettably, the more I ponder it, the more frustrated I become. It's a program that gives a select, few students unfathomable advantages in what is possibly the most competitive medical school admissions process in the world. And no, it isn't about about mac health sci. It's about QuARMS. QuARMS selects 10 students who have been nominated to receive the Chancellor scholarship, an award based only on their performance in high school, for admission into a guaranteed route to a pre-med program. Of course, the process involves the s
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