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  1. So do OOP students who come from Ontario double dip in the goodness? ie. they get BC tuition rates and OSAP level funds/bursaries? Does it really matter if OSAP gives you more loans, anyway, since UBC tends to cover the gap in one's expenses through their own private bursary? Meh - debt will happen either way.
  2. If you are already an Ontario resident, you wont lose anything if you move to BC. You will likely gain a lot more moving there, as you will now be considered IP in BC, and IP in Mac as well. Get your BC card ASAP. You'd be surprised how many people strategically move around, do highschool in specific areas, and university in other areas. If you want it bad enough, you'll do all you can to get there. So go for it, and good luck!
  3. hey - this is a cool idea. If it works out the first time, do something like this again for when the OOP group gets in to Vancouver.
  4. Nope. You application needs to first be verified and so you can use that time to collect some ref letters. Better to have this ready in the first place though, but this still gives you some more time.
  5. It was in the middle actually. It was so bad... I just shook hands and walked away thinking "hoooookay. next". This is why I think UBC probably drops your worst and your best stations.
  6. Great points guys. Wow you JUST beat me to the response. No strings attached, so long as I do not become rich overnight. And if I do, it'll help with tuition anyway
  7. Haha this reminded me of my own interview. In one station, my interviewer was so disappointed in my terrible answer that she simply said "Oh good the bell has gone.. you can stop talking now.." in a very sarcastic tone. Thank god for 10 stations!
  8. My stats aren't stellar. I got in OOP because UBC drops one of my years, and in that case I get a 90% average. Apart from that, my cGPA for undergrad is 3.7-4.0 with a 33 mcat. Good, but not great. Unlike most prestigious schools, Mayo doesn't heavily weigh academics, relatively. They are really interested in your story, and whether or not you're the right fit for their vision. As others who have applied in the US know, they look at you much more holistically (they know where I immigrated from, how many siblings I have, what my family income is, and what made me pursue medicine etc.). Som
  9. Thank you all so much! This has been immensely helpful, and you all gave me such great insight. I will be talking to the banks, and confirming that there are no strings attached to the full ride from Mayo! Also, this decision is difficult bc I'd still be ecstatic if I end up at UBC. Maybe I'll see you around yet, Gohan
  10. Wow thanks for the great input guys. I felt like because Mayo was my first interview, I was dumbstruck by its grandeur, and maybe that's why I wanted to attend. But this is unanimous.. Can you guys at least refute any of my pros-cons for either schools? Have I covered all angles? Remember since I come from a humble background, I have no one to sign for my LoC. I mean, OSAP should be good enough for my living expenses in Rochester, but it'd be reassuring to know that I have access to 250-300k, should anything go awry. Thoughts?
  11. update: It been 4 years and I can now come back to this post with new insight. I will post my thoughts in case someone else can benefit from this discussion. Match Results: Entering in a field that is in the Top 5 competitive CaRMS programs. Got my number 1 choice Verdict: Go to a Canadian school if you want to live and practice in Canada (see my updated insight comments in brackets). Hey guys, I am in a very blessed situation where I have been accepted to both UBC medicine (OOP) as well as Mayo Medical School. Since I will be moving away from home in both case
  12. I visited my local CIBC branch and they mentioned that I need a guarantor in order to receive a professional student line of credit. They did not even take a look at my credit scores/savings, and made it appear to be standard practice at CIBC. I am interested in remaining with CIBC, but I have no issues re-locating my bank. Can you confirm that a guarantor/co-signer is not required for students with excellent credit and an acceptance to a Canadian medical school? Thanks
  13. Hey That's really frustrating to hear. To have above average AQ, NAQ, and interview scores, and yet not be admitted. I think you hit on a few important points here. Certainly, your reference letter and MCAT scores made a difference. Your MCAT score, as you already pointed out, may be a weakness. Also, people tend to forget this, but wasnt there an essay that we did after the interview? I am not sure how much that counts, but from my phone call with the admissions team, they claim they look at EVERYTHING in the file. What year you're in, AQ, NAQ, geography (are you IP or OOP? What sc
  14. Hey guys, I just finished speaking to a financial rep at CIBC, and they mentioned that I'll need a guarantor to sign on my behalf for taking out a LOC. Sorry for being so noobish, but is that typical? He made it sound like it's standard practice. Maybe it's only a CIBC thing, and hence why I dont see many people talking about this institution on these forums. Does anyone have any experience with LOCs and co-signers/guarantors? --thanks in advance.
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