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  1. What are some good electives to take for raids in 4th year? Due to new limitations we can no longer just load up with 1 specialty, so i was wondering what some of the good choices would be. I was personally thinking of Adult Resp, a surgical subspecialty, and family medicine. thoughts?
  2. Sorry to bother you guys again but I just learned I'm starting with plastic surgery first, then another surg selective then Gen surg. I guess the same question stands - what should I do in the next 10 days to prepare? Keep in mind I'm 100% a rads gunner so have little interest in plastics or any surg. I imagine for plastics the most high yield topics would be hand and skin anatomy? Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm starting 3rd year clerkship rotating through general surg in 2 weeks time. As the title suggests I'm interested to hear from anyone who has experience what the most high yield operations are. For example I know appendicitis is seen a lot in general surgery, are there a number of ops that I should absolutely read around before my rotation? Thank you
  4. Hello all, This is such a under-discussed specialty in my program, I don't think I've met a single nuclear doc so far as a M2 at Western. It seems like my classmates barely know this specialty exists, and it's extremely difficult to get facetime with physicians in nuclear medicine. Doing some reading on these forums over the past decade, it seems like a lot of people were advising people to stay away from nuclear med, or do a rads + nuclear med combined residency. I'm just wondering if anyone has any recent experience in this since things can change a lot over the years. Should we st
  5. you have to convert each individual course grade to the OMSAS scale. edit: just realized this is dents. please ignore!
  6. in medicine lots of things are going to "happen" to you which won't be your fault ... this is a good lesson to get ready to deal with this if you one day get in.
  7. I don't know anything about your situation so I won't offer advice. I recommend seeing someone for these problems, I doubt you could much useful advice on a forum like this. I just wanted to talk about this bolded part. I did longitudinal learning for 6-12 months at a family medicine office last year (1st year of med school). From what I see, a lot of what you're going to see as a FM is going to be repeats. After the first month, I pretty much knew what a patient was coming in for after about 20 seconds. Just remember that, when you do the same thing over and over again, it's going to bec
  8. First of all rest in peace to this man / woman. Not sure what safety measures there are but one of the family doctors I was doing my longitudinal learning with told me that you should always try to be closer to an exit point than the patient is, so for example examine the patient in such a way that you're closer to the exit than they are. I found it odd at the time but I can see why now.
  9. Here at western we have about 3-4 in-person sessions in total for important physical exam and anatomy sessions until February, that's it. I highly doubt that this is the case for Ottawa as there are guidelines all Ontario schools have to follow.
  10. I know what it feels like to be lost, I got rejected the firs time I applied as well, but ultimately don't give up if this is what you want. You're so close. It doesn't matter what you told your parents / other people. Always remember Med school admissions are a game. Your ability to get into medical school has very little to do with how qualified you are to practice medicine or how good of a doctor you'll be.
  11. Hi, For those of us that have the BCG vaccine and will have a positive 1 step TB test, does this mean that we have to do a chest xray every year? Thank you
  12. Don't prepare for anything, enjoy your summer. Yes it's important to make friends. I study pretty much the same way I studied in undergrad at first, but soon you'll have to become comfortable with not knowing some things before your test because there's too much to know, you'll learn this skill on your own. Lecturers are mostly nice. You can kind of "study" for step1 by tracking your class content with boards and beyond / sketchy.
  13. Where are you going to school? That plays a big part in how much debt you'll have because a big chunk of your money is going towards living expenses. Rent for UoT med is not going to be the same as rent for me living in London for example. I can't answer how much people spend, but from what I've seen your lifestyle definitely scales u a bit when you have that LoC. It might not be the best thing but it happens. I just finished my 1st year and I'm about 25K into my LoC (Remember OSAP gives you a lot of grants, and there are a lot of scholarhips and bursaries to apply for). I also have a res
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