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  1. My roommates are my closest friends in the class but we became friends before we became roommates. Are you close with anyone in the class of 2025 from undergrad / orientation events / interview prep etc? If so, try to room with them. 

    Would not recommend living alone because of the cost, it's fine to room with any random med student if the above doesn't apply to you. Don't incur too much debt, it's the last thing you're thinking about now but interest kills. 

  2. Hello all,

    This is such a under-discussed specialty in my program, I don't think I've met a single nuclear doc so far as a M2 at Western. It seems like my classmates barely know this specialty exists, and it's extremely difficult to get facetime with physicians in nuclear medicine.

    Doing some reading on these forums over the past decade, it seems like a lot of people were advising people to stay away from nuclear med, or do a rads + nuclear med combined residency. I'm just wondering if anyone has any recent experience in this since things can change a lot over the years. Should we stay away from doing a solo nuclear meds residency? It's also a very uncompetitive specialty residency wise given that (imo) I think nuclear medicine is actually pretty cool from what little I know. What are the general things that is keeping people away from the specialty? I'm very interested in both rads and nuclear med but I don't think I want to be resident into my late 30s, so the combined residency program is out for me unfortunately. Does this pretty much rule out nuclear med for me?


  3. 20 minutes ago, ajhiienz said:



    The grade was a B. I don't know why but it bothers me, especially because it wasn't a hard course at all and it wasn't my fault. Most of the advice I have been getting is to let it go, but I can't come to terms with it (especially with how it all happened), but I might just have to since not doing so might reflect badly on me as one poster said. I guess, the fact that it can be perceived as not a big deal was probably why the staff weren't motivated to change the grade after looking at my overall transcript. But once again thanks for the advice everybody, I think I am beginning to look at it a little differently.

    in medicine lots of things are going to "happen" to you which won't be your fault ... this is a good lesson to get ready to deal with this if you one day get in.

  4. 1 hour ago, anonnow said:

    I am also overwhelmed by the amount of information you have to know as a family doctor. For instance, I am having a lot of trouble remembering the names of medications, their indications, contraindications, etc. I review concepts every day but remembering the details never works. And like I said above, this issue is exacerbated because I have no interest in the material. So I'm constantly dragging myself to learn more. 

    I don't know anything about your situation so I won't offer advice. I recommend seeing someone for these problems, I doubt you could much useful advice on a forum like this.

    I just wanted to talk about this bolded part. I did longitudinal learning for 6-12 months at a family medicine office last year (1st year of med school). From what I see, a lot of what you're going to see as a FM is going to be repeats. After the first month, I pretty much knew what a patient was coming in for after about 20 seconds. Just remember that, when you do the same thing over and over again, it's going to become almost second nature. A big part of your job is going to be dealing with a small range of issues no matter the specialty, don't be intimated by the depth of knowledge we're learning in pre-clerkship at this stage. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Drosophila said:

    This is tragic and horrifying.

    What kind of safety measures can and do family clinics implement to make it safer to see patients? At least in hospitals there is security as well as other healthcare professionals close by and potentially violent/psychotic patients can be identified and have their belongings taken away.  

    First of all rest in peace to this man / woman.


    Not sure what safety measures there are but one of the family doctors I was doing my longitudinal learning with told me that you should always try to be closer to an exit point than the patient is, so for example examine the patient in such a way that you're closer to the exit than they are. I found it odd at the time but I can see why now. 

  6. 9 hours ago, worst24hours said:

    I think judging by the schedule posted online and the update on that link, lectures are in person right now (ofc, subject to change)

    Here at western we have about 3-4 in-person sessions in total for important physical exam and anatomy sessions until February, that's it. I highly doubt that this is the case for Ottawa as there are guidelines all Ontario schools have to follow.

  7. On 5/18/2020 at 8:51 PM, premed24/7 said:

    Just needed to rant a little so here it is. 

    I have applied three times, first time straight rejected, the second time I had one interview and was waitlisted and this time I got three interviews at Ottawa, Mac and Queens and really thought this was my year, guess that is my fault as nothing is a guarantee but my interviews felt better than last year. I was really thinking I was going to do it this time and all the pain and sacrifice would be worth it.


    However, I have been waitlisted for all three and I'm devastated 

    The last two times I was sad that I didn't get in but was able to pick myself up and focus on the next cycle with some motivation and determination. This time I feel like my soul has been sucked out of me.

    I feel like an idiot to think I could get in and makes it worse a bunch of people I know have gotten in. 


    I didn't think my interviews went badly, Queens I actually thought I did great with the MMI but I guess I blew the panel.  Ottawa I am on the good waitlist but very low down and looking at the other threads it seems that it is unlikely since my time stamp is 7:46. 


    I just feel like this is it and I need to give up but when I think of that I just feel like my life has no motivation, maybe COVID is making things harder too since I am usually a person who likes to keep busy. Also I promised my parents this would be the last time I would apply at least for a while. So idk don't think anything is going to make me feel better for a while. 

    Thanks for listening/reading

    I know what it feels like to be lost, I got rejected the firs time I applied as well, but ultimately don't give up if this is what you want. You're so close. It doesn't matter what you told your parents / other people.

    Always remember Med school admissions are a game. Your ability to get into medical school has very little to do with how qualified you are to practice medicine or how good of a doctor you'll be. 

  8. Don't prepare for anything, enjoy your summer. Yes it's important to make friends. I study pretty much the same way I studied in undergrad at first, but soon you'll have to become comfortable with not knowing some things before your test because there's too much to know, you'll learn this skill on your own. Lecturers are mostly nice. 

    You can kind of "study" for step1 by tracking your class content with boards and beyond / sketchy. 

  9. On 7/14/2020 at 12:03 AM, sportyrichmeia said:

    How much are folks spending on personal/fun/extra stuff with this amount of debt per year? Trying to create a budget :) 

    Where are you going to school? That plays a big part in how much debt you'll have because a big chunk of your money is going towards living expenses. Rent for UoT med is not going to be the same as rent for me living in London for example.

    I can't answer how much people spend, but from what I've seen your lifestyle definitely scales u a bit when you have that LoC. It might not be the best thing but it happens. I just finished my 1st year and I'm about 25K into my LoC (Remember OSAP gives you a lot of grants, and there are a lot of scholarhips and bursaries to apply for). I also have a research grant this summer and next summer which pays $4500 each year. I have a car lease and insurance that I pay for, but if you don't have a car you save even more money. I really don't worry about money, and I'm not living frugally at all.

  10. I went to Uwaterloo. I also know people who did engineering / CS at Uwaterloo making barely 60-80k in boring jobs. Don't assume you'd be making tons of cash working 40 hours a week if you went to engineering, that's not the average experience. Being an average physician is imo superior in everyway to being an average engineer / computer science grad etc. 

  11. 12 hours ago, confused_student said:

    Is it hard for pharmacists to make over 100k now? Pharmacy used to be a BSc which made the salary justifiable. However now its a pharmd and i feel like a salary under 100k wouldnt cut it since you have to invest so much into the career

    >100K is not impossible but typically fresh grads working in big centers won't be making anywhere near this amount. For those making 6 digits we're talking low 100's. The job market is also pretty saturated and because of this working conditions at a lot of big chains like shoppers can be poor. The work itself is stressful but boring. Basically I'm listing all the reasons why I went into medicine instead of pharmacy, but I definitely think it's a better field than most fields in Canada so you should pursue it if you enjoy it. 

  12. It depends on location and specialty. Any specialty that's tied to the hospital is going to have more limited job opportunities. So basically any surgery field right now has a pretty bad job market, neurosurgery and ortho being the worst. There are things like Rad Onc that used to be really bad too but now the job market is opening up for them. If you become an internist / FM you can pretty much work anywhere you want including downtown Toronto. Academic positions in any specialty are tough to get. You will get a job in any specialty in Canada, but you may get an undesirable location depending on your specialty. 

  13. Unfortunately(?) in the class cliques will form. The rich preppy types will form their own clique, and you will most likely befriend the people from blue collar background with a few exceptions. For example in my friend circle there is only 1 person with a physician parent (but in this case this person's demeanor is much closer to ours than those from the other cliques).


    Either way, from my experience all you need is a small group of friends, you'll be cordial with everyone else in the class and that's ok. 

  14. 15 hours ago, klamar said:

    I don't know your financial situation of course but fundamentally there is no real difference between

    1. taking money from a LOC to invest in equities


    2. choosing not to pay off LOC with earned cash, and instead investing that earned cash in to equities

    The difference is I could lose my entire portfolio tomorrow and my ability to pay for the remainder of school and expenses through residency is unaffected. 


    My portfolio is relatively low risk, which is the kind of distribution I recommend to friends and family. Almost everyone who day trades loses money, make no mistake about it. Anyone reading this: if you try to time market swings, you will lose money, 100%, I guarantee it.

  15. 6 minutes ago, offmychestplease said:

    Stock ticker IMRN was selling for $2/share yesterday.....today it miraculously hit a peak of $28/share, which is a 14x gain in 1 day. If you had balls and used all 350K of your LOC and bought IMRN shares....and sold today at the high you would have turned your 350K into 5 million dollars. Now you ask what if you didn't know that IMRN would go up like crazy? Fair. Let's say you simply watched the stock today as it was rising and you bought all your shares at $8/share....waited a couple hours and sold at $28/share, you would have turned your 350K into 1.2 million dollars. Of course this takes massive balls to use all your LOC into one stock, but the potential is there to literally make millions...

    Ya and it's just as likely that you get stuck in some pump and dump scheme and buy in at $8 before the stock crashes back down to $2 or less. From what I understand IMRN was awarded some navy contract for developing drugs to combat diarrhea, which is why it shot up. You could have made a lot of money if you knew this yesterday, but unfortunately for us common folk time in the market > timing the market 

  16. Do not invest money from your LoC into the stock market, not ever and especially not right now (we are in a particularly volatile moment in time). I have about $30K in equities but it's all from money I made before medschool. Really I cannot stress how stupid and dangerous it is to spend LoC money on the market, in my opinion. 

    This advice does not apply if your family is rich and can support you. But even then, It's not a smart play but not as catastrophic I suppose. 

  17. On 6/5/2020 at 3:35 PM, dooogs said:

    Does Schulich send a class full e-mail or something like that? Wondering when my campus site will be set in stone

    They do send a class full email but it's usually sent very late even weeks after the class is full. It's not unheard of for a few (think 1-2) offers to be handed out in late summer for a variety of reasons, but almost all of the spots are filled much earlier. 

  18. 18 hours ago, CHG said:

    I'm going to make a list bc I think it will be a bit easier to read through haha

    Large group - Lecture usually not mandatory (note: there will be exceptions to this)

    SGL "small group learning" - mandatory

    Integrative SGL - mandatory

    Lab - mandatory

    Discipline specific SGL - mandatory

    PCCM - mandatory

    I know that sounds like A LOT of mandatory but on most weeks it isn't too bad. 

    hope this helps!

    edit: what I mean by 'most weeks aren't too bad' is that this sample schedule includes every possible group/session. You won't always have all of them on the same week and you won't always have each of them multiple times a week. There are some busy weeks, but definitely many weeks have a lot of free time

    Word on the street is us and the 2024's will have all online classes in September except possibly PCCM, which is 1x / week - nothing official yet though

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