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  1. cut offs are based on the applicant pool. if they're going to keep accepting the old MCAT in the next few years, they will have to artificially lower the cutoffs for the old MCAT at some point, giving the old MCAT takers an unfair advantage to get a sizeable interview pool. otherwise what's the point of accepting the old MCAT if only like 20 people are going to be past the cutoff? I would argue that this point already came this year, others may disagree, but you must see the problem in accepting the old MCAT in the future when the competitive applicant pool will be shrinking every year. I
  2. Realistically, how many more years do you think there will be enough competitive old MCAT applicants? This year already we saw a lot of people complainning about the unfair cut-off distribution between the old MCAT and the new MCAT. I think it'll be even worse next year as the number of high old MCAT scores decreases year by year. They will have to stop accepting the old MCAT in the near future or the cut offs will be ridiculously low compared to the new MCAT, even more-so than this year.
  3. If they ask that I feel like the only truthful answer I could give is "It's the only school in Canada I have a shot at..." So ya not sure how I would answer that one
  4. I was under the assumption that Western gives interviews to everyone past their cutoffs, and I certainly am past any reasonable cutoff they can set. So is the "if" because of my past academic years? because thats the only possible reason I could see my self not getting an interview And no I do not have an interview yet, I am however operating under the assumption that I should get one unless some condition exists that I'm not aware of
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