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  1. Do not invest money from your LoC into the stock market, not ever and especially not right now (we are in a particularly volatile moment in time). I have about $30K in equities but it's all from money I made before medschool. Really I cannot stress how stupid and dangerous it is to spend LoC money on the market, in my opinion. This advice does not apply if your family is rich and can support you. But even then, It's not a smart play but not as catastrophic I suppose.
  2. They do send a class full email but it's usually sent very late even weeks after the class is full. It's not unheard of for a few (think 1-2) offers to be handed out in late summer for a variety of reasons, but almost all of the spots are filled much earlier.
  3. If you get Western London Campus, come here. If not, go to Queens. imo as a biased uwo 2023
  4. Word on the street is us and the 2024's will have all online classes in September except possibly PCCM, which is 1x / week - nothing official yet though
  5. Acceptance on OMSAS = High specificity, Low sensitivity (there you go, your first lesson on medicine ) Congratulations to those accepted, and goodluck to waitlisters.
  6. Just to give a counterexample I did send one last year to Western and got in so it clearly wasn't a dealbreaker atleast.
  7. it depends on the social clique you join. There are certain groups of people in the class that will hit the bars or clubs 1-2x a week, once on Monday (we have Tuesdays off), and once on Friday. There are also house parties almost every week. I don't know what other schools are like but I would say we're a pretty outgoing bunch especially because of our 4 day schedule (maybe an unintended consequence from the admin's POV ha). (in my experience) When you start med school things are going to be overwhelming, but after a few months it will be a breeze and you will have a lot of free time, so
  8. Guys these are probably the biggest interviews of your life up to this point … go buy a headset
  9. I'm going to buy a Littmann cadiology 4 and send in this one to be fixed in case I ever lose the fancy stethoscope. Maybe I'll have some chance of actually hearing murmurs and valvular lesions ... Thanks for your help y'all.
  10. Hello, This may seem strange but it appears my stethoscope is not picking up bowel sounds? It can pick up heart sounds just fine, but appears to have trouble with higher pitched noises? I showed it to my preceptor and he examined a patient with it and confirmed it's not picking up bowel sounds. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have a littmann classic III for reference. Can I ship it back to them and have them fix it, or should I buy another stethoscope? I just bought it in September.
  11. I've talked to a few rad oncs, though all were academic so keep that in mind. As you'd expect oncology is what 95% of them do. I'm not sure if you'd consider brachytherapy as "something else", but it's a fellowship you can also get and get into a OR that way. In the communities there is some "non-oncology" work as well but it has to do from what I understand with removing cysts and providing palliative radiation for some cases of severe joint pain from a lesion or something that's spread to your bones. Job market used to be terrible but now days is looking good, but things can and
  12. What is the typical gross income for a fresh FM grad out of residency? I hear 25-30% overhead is the norm, is this true? How many patients / hour can you realistically see out of residency without feeling overwhelmed? How many hours / week are you working, and how many hours per night do you spend charting? Or do you chart during the day? Thank you
  13. I don't have much advice for your specific situation, but if your school is anything like mine, the most effective way to get a hold of someone is to physically go to their office and ask to speak to them. In the world of medicine emails and phone calls tend to go unanswered...
  14. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Xt-tlSCG13RnJxM2xkLWxobFE/edit For everyone that's been messaging me: sorry I won't be responding, read what I posted in this thread as it answers all of your questions
  15. know canmeds, read doing right and know the basic principles, have examples memorized and ready for common questions and canmeds from your EC's. There was a document flowing around somewhere last year that had like 300-400 MMI and panel type questions, which basically has all the questions you're going to be possibly asked. Western doesn't really look to surprise with the interview.
  16. Your chances of getting accepted eventually are in the 40's as a non-SWOMEN and the 80's as a SWOMEN, I worked out the math for SWOMEN above you can check it out. This is for getting accepted, including waitlist movements. Like the user above said the biggest moderator on your individual odds is your degree of preparation, based on that you can increase your odds substantially. For my Interviews last year I prepped for like 100-150 hours, so basically what I'm trying to say is get to work. In our year there are quite a few SWOMEN who wanted London campus but were offered Windsor ins
  17. Looking at the Deans report for example for 2017, 120 SWOMEN were invited for an interview , of which 72 were accepted pre-waitlist. If we extrapolate the normal waitlist movement of Western to SWOMEN applicants, wherein about half of the waitlist historically clears, we cold roughly say that of the 48 that were not accepted about 24 will be accepted after the waitlist clears. This is likely a conservative estimate because I would guess SWOMEN have a greater advantage for coming off the waitlist as well due to their higher file scores on average (SWOMEN advantage is a huge boost t
  18. Non-SWOMEN odds are approximately 45% either acceptance or getting in off the high/normal waitlist.
  19. The stat you are looking at (I know which PDF it is because I obsessed over this stuff lat year) is only for straight acceptances, not high waitlisted people and people who get in from the normal waitlist.
  20. A plurality of the class for Schulich 2023 is 21-22 but there are a lot of people who are 24-25 and not an insignificant number of people in the 27+ range. Comes out to an average age of 23 (but I seem to recall in orientation the number was closer to 24 than 23)
  21. Not known but it's most likely a combination of Interview / GPA / MCAT, with Interview playing the biggest role. It's different if you're SWOMEN where you have basically a 4/5 chance of being accepted or high waitlisted if you received an interview.
  22. I don't know what will happen to the CARS cutoff in the future but recently the trend has been downwards. When I first applied to the school the cutoff was 130, when I got accepted it was 128 and now it's 127. It seems like they're trying to focus on EC's. We do have a new Dean of Medicine taking over however, which may change things. If you have a solid shot at other schools, I wouldn't write the MCAT again for the reasons you mentioned.
  23. With radiology there is such a high volume, and also high risk in terms of career choice because who knows what's going to be happening to radiology 10-15 years from now... I think they should be having increased compensation seeing as how they're hyper critical to the hospital and IIRC last year radiology had only 79 applicants for 78 spots despite the supposed high salaries.
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