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  1. What you're essentially saying is you're ok with making the lives of minorities a living hell as long as you get your tax cuts. That doesn't make you any better in my eyes.
  2. Thank you for having the courage to say this. I feel like so many conservatives consistently say racist things and believe in racist politicians/policies, and then get super offended when called racist. Ironically the group of people most prone to calling others "snowflakes" are the biggest snowflakes of all. Projection and all.
  3. "Dr. Dempsey admitted that between 1998 and 1999, and between 2001 and 2004, he entered into sexual and romantic relationships with the mothers of two of his patients while continuing to provide care and treatment to the patients. " that's a yikes from me dawg
  4. I have an opportunity to do observerships with a few radiologists in the London and Kitchener-Waterloo area, but given how busy school has been so far, I'm wondering if this would be a good use of my time? What sort of things would I be doing in a rads observership? Just going based on my pre-conceived notions, it seems like I'll mainly be sitting in a chair and watching a screen, and maybe get to watch a few procedures? I have a few radiologists in my family, so given that I already know I'm interested in the field, are there any other advantages I'm missing?
  5. Some of the Atlantic provinces are pretty good too, gets you IP status at Manitoba and Dalhousie depending on where you go.
  6. This would disqualify your 4th year from being used in your 2Y GPA calculation at Western.
  7. So you're making around 60K a month? Are you also working in a rural community? How much would you say you would be making if you were doing exactly what you're doing now but for 48-50 hours 5 days a week?
  8. So I can share it but I could be responsible if someone copies my stuff... Just message me your ABS and I can take a look at it.
  9. Let me check with someone on the admin team if we can share our ABS and I'll send the entry to you if I get the affirmative.
  10. Like I said I never read the textbook unless the prof said we have to / they're going to test us on something they didn't mention in lecture but is in the textbook. The best way to get high grades for me was to attend lectures (I think I missed like less than 3 lectures in my entire undergrad career) and take really good notes. Sometimes some of the more annoying profs would put something from the textbook in the exam, but it would be around 1 or 2 questions and I could make an educated guess on those. I would be ok with missing those, because I would still be getting over 90 in the class. a 9
  11. I used chess for one of mine in that category so it's no problem.
  12. If you have the same passion in both fields, canadian pharmacy is a smarter financial decision. If you like medicine more, American med is not that bad, its not like going to Europe or australia or the Caribbean in terms of finaces and matching / being able to actually work somewhere. You can work anywhere you want with an American MD.
  13. The most important thing is to try to pick a mix of bird and tough courses. You have to make sure all your bird courses are in topics that interest you, or you will be miserable. Like dont pack calculus 2 physics 2 orgo 2 physiology and histology into1 semester (im speaking from experience here). Early on i realized im interested in psych, so i balanced my tough courses with psych courses which are generally birdy, and ended up minoring in psych. notice i didnt have any specific advice about studying because everyone is different and what worked for me wont work for you. Let me jus
  14. This person was a bad example for this article because she is from London and had basically near a 80% chance of getting in either way even without the ABS in previous years. I'm interested to see the changes they have in store with the access pathway for future cycles.
  15. Despite what schools try to tell themselves, how well you do in the application process is not a representation of your inherent quality or fit to be a medical doctor. How well you score on the MCAT is not an indication of how well you'll do in medical school, and how well you do on CASPER is not an indication of how well your personality fits with medicine. All your results tell you is how well you understand what these tests want from you, nothing more. The whole process is incredibly arbitrary. I know it's hard, but don't take it as a measurement of your self worth, the whole thing is
  16. I don't have a religious obligation against drinking personally but I always found the taste disgusting so I never really drank. Last time I had alcohol was close to 3 years ago. I really don't get how people could stomach the taste, I know you don't drink it for its taste but it's just so disgusting. Any way I don't think you should be pressured into doing anything you don't want. I had a group of friends that were drinkers, and I had no problem hanging out with them, I just didn't drink. It meant I was often the designated driver, but that comes with its own benefits (hah)
  17. True, I also got in off the back of a CARS score drop off. Honestly I was pretty surprised that Western's B/B cutoff was so low in our year, historically western tends to favor the verbal and B/B sections. Generally I think it's best to apply everywhere possible that you aren't outright disqualified from (from not having pre-reqs for example), unless money or time constraints are an issue. Western has a fairly time-demanding application process, so if you're short on time it might not be worth it, but if that's not an issue then there's little point in not applying.
  18. From a cost benefit analysis i don't think its worth it as western requires dedicated time to complete the 9 essays for the abs, and they're very unlikely to drop any of the score requirements. This is because of the nature of the applicant pool getting more competitive with time.
  19. Do you not meet the requirements for western? I personally would not go abroad because of the back breaking debt compared to studying in Canada. Keep in mind as you said you will be in the IMG pool for residency spots in the states and Canada, which is not a good place to be. Im not sure what the situation is these days in regards to staying in Australia, but I had heard that it can be difficult, so I would be thorough on that front as well. overall the main reason I wouldn't do it is the debt and the situation for residency. If you think about it financially, you would
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