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  1. Kind of late but are we sure Tuesdays are off? I made a specialist appointment a couple months back for a Tuesday in October and i cant see where it says Tuesdays are off
  2. Most people go with RBC or Scotia but when I was making the decision couple months ago TD was really more or less similar in what they offered. For me it came down to my Scotia rep having the most experience with medical students. And you can always switch banks so the major banks will try to more or less offer similar packages, except BMO for some reason which didn't seem interested at all.
  3. Don't stress about it. Like I said in the thread it took me a few days and im a fast writer, it took some of my friends a few weeks to finish the ABS. Its not a bad thing if its taking you some time to think things through. to get things rolling a bit ... physicians interact with and lead multi disciplinary teams, act as mentors and teachers for patients and their families, interact with canadians from every background, work long hours under high stress situations, have to resolve conflicts with patients or coworkers, have to communicate sensitive information to patients, have to act prof
  4. At the very least, being part of the radiology interest group from year 1 for example would show that you've been interested in radiology for years, which can be useful in your application / interview one would think. I do agree with your point about diminishing returns for research, as it largely matches up what I’ve been told. Its mostly done to check off a box, and past a certain point it doesn't really matter if you have 10 publications vs a few for example, as long as you have some.
  5. Well, im interested in radiology for example and have been talking to a few residents irl and on the forums. On the carms application there are sections to talk about your interest group contributions, your research and more. It seems naive to think that programs are asking for this stuff if they're not using them to categorize applicants in some way. Not to mention I've been told straight up that id be doing myself a disservice if i didn't have some research for rads. I imagine its the same for any semi-competitive specialty like oph derm emerg etc. That doesn't mean you cant get matche
  6. This seems like poor advice for anyone interested in a competitive field, or if OP is interested in a competitive IM program... based on everything I've read before From your previous posts I understand you matched into a competitive program without “gunning”, but realize your situation may be an outlier, not the norm.
  7. Lets assume you borrowed 20k at the beginning of a 30 day month. the interest is calculated as 20000 * (.037/365) * 30 = 60.82. Next month, its the same thing but replace 20000 with 20060.82. i confirmed this by calculating the interest on the money i borrowed in july for tuition. Its definitely how its done, but on a leap year or odd months you have to change 365 and 30 respectively. And if you borrow something in the middle of the month, you have to do some additional calculations to get the exact number. For example i borrowed in multiple intervals during last month
  8. It appears I was, even better, though the difference is negligible really. My bad!
  9. For scotia the interest is calculated daily. 0.037 / 365 * amount owed compounded daily. It comes out to a bit more interest than if it was compounded monthly.
  10. Yep, it's uncanny how differently you look at medical schools adding seats as an applicant vs an admitted student. Thankfully my match will be done in 2023 (fingers crossed).
  11. Yep, im Persian and currently visiting family in Iran and I see pretty average looking guys with regular jobs having model-looking wives all the time. It really varies by culture. Logically, even if we accept that outside of environments like tinder women find only 20% of men attractive, that means 80% of men have to end up with women that don't find them attractive. That seems kind of unbelievable, because it is. As a side note I think its really rare for someone to be genuinely unattractive. I see far more attractive people daily than unattractive people. I would say
  12. You really have a vested interest in repeating this haha. Even if true (it's not), not sure how useful this would be for anyone seeking advice like the OP of this thread. "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott
  13. What you're describing is the case for casual dating and hookups, things like tinder and bumble. When it comes to long term relationships, this simply is not the case. Social status and personality matching are far far more important.
  14. I wasnt making a value judgement, just saying what ive read. And being with someone based on their physical attractiveness alone is just as shallow as being with them based on social status alone, moreso actually because a large part of being physically attractive is being lucky with your genetic makeup. in real life things are more multidimensional, and as I said for finding a long term partner, other factors supersede physical attractiveness in importance.
  15. You guys are just arguing in circles now, you should stop. You’ve both made your point. I think for a lot of women, social status and personality traits are more important than physical attractiveness when it comes to finding a partner. For casual hookups, physical attractiveness is the only thing that matters. The research is clear on this, unless something new has been found since the 3 years I took group dynamics psych in school.
  16. The plan as of now (realize plans change 10+ years down the line) is to work longer hours and more days for the first half of my career, not to buy luxuries but to pay down the LOC and buy a house. Thus the reason I was interested in the numbers. This is something that a bit frustrating when we’re reading about the numbers - for instance cmg profiles report physician incomes over 60k, but part time physicians would still be above that line, which skews the numbers for the whole specialty. Ive noticed to my surprise that there are a considerable number of part time doctors, more-so in cert
  17. For scotia interest is calculated daily. I made a spread sheet to keep track of my loan, the formula is 0.037/365 * amount you borrowed compounded daily for the interest. It doesn't matter what month you take out the loan. Interest accrues on what ever your outstanding balance is as of that day, so if you pay it down you pay less interest the following day onwards. This is why its important to pay down as much of the LOC with OSAP funds once they come in on august/early September, as osap loans are interest free while in school.
  18. What about 5-6 days a week? Are there any GIM doctors with a narrow focus like yours grossing 400k or more, or is it something only a few superstars are doing? Also whats your overhead?
  19. Ive talked to a few radiologists in the past month. IR employment is good right now, though working hours are usually brutal. It has basically a surgical lifestyle but not the income.
  20. So apparently they send you this email even if you have a partial health clearance... kind of stupid to give you a shock like that when we’re supposed to be able to start school with a partial clearance.
  21. Did you guys get an email telling you to fill out a questionnaire to explain why your police check / health screening are late? I did both weeks ago and have the documentation to prove it to them, so I wonder why they sent me that email. I contacted them already, just wondering if anyone else got it also.
  22. I did notice that too which was fairly shocking to see. For something like Neuro, which is competitive and also requires one or more fellowships, its confusing that they get paid so little comparatively. I dont think I could do the 5+ years of training if I knew in the end I wouldnt be compensated for the extra training, no matter how much I like the field.
  23. Like I said, you would justify it if its something you would really enjoy. But dont be naive, if there wasnt a financial incentive family medicine would be the most competitive specialty because of the training time and flexibility. Homo economicus etc etc. Do you think dermatology and ophthalmology are so competitive because lots of people are really into the eye and skin?
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