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  1. So apparently they send you this email even if you have a partial health clearance... kind of stupid to give you a shock like that when we’re supposed to be able to start school with a partial clearance.
  2. Did you guys get an email telling you to fill out a questionnaire to explain why your police check / health screening are late? I did both weeks ago and have the documentation to prove it to them, so I wonder why they sent me that email. I contacted them already, just wondering if anyone else got it also.
  3. I did notice that too which was fairly shocking to see. For something like Neuro, which is competitive and also requires one or more fellowships, its confusing that they get paid so little comparatively. I dont think I could do the 5+ years of training if I knew in the end I wouldnt be compensated for the extra training, no matter how much I like the field.
  4. Like I said, you would justify it if its something you would really enjoy. But dont be naive, if there wasnt a financial incentive family medicine would be the most competitive specialty because of the training time and flexibility. Homo economicus etc etc. Do you think dermatology and ophthalmology are so competitive because lots of people are really into the eye and skin?
  5. It seems to me like there is a lot of variation between what people say, what cmg reports and what other sources report. for example according to http://www.canadianhealthcarenetwork.ca/files/2018/03/20-years-compensation-chart.pdf, family physicians make $363k in ontario pre overhead, while cmg reports it as in the low 200k range. But then again fields with a sizeable female population have whacky numbers because of the sheer number of women doctors that work part time. I wish we had something like the blue book in bc that we could search by specialty. It seems asinine to do
  6. I understand circumstances can be different, but I found it odd that a previous comment mentioned atleast 25-30% overhead when the average was listed at 20% on cmg profiles. Statistically those 2 things are incongruent, so I wanted to know if there was something about the profiles i didnt know, which apparently isnt the case.
  7. Why does the cmg profile say 407k with 20% overhead? Especially when you consider that the profile includes part time physicians making over 60k, which I assume is a lot of people in a female dominated field like endo.
  8. What's the job market like for endo currently? I know it can change 10 years from now, but still would be nice to know. Also, would it be wise to do a internal medicine residency solely to match into endo later? How competitive is it? I don't really want to do GIM, but things can change later ofcourse. Also, CMG profiles describes 400K payment for endo specialist with 20% overhead? I don't really care about the payment but it would be nice to know that a 5 year residency would pay more than a GP if I were to do it. Are these stats correct?
  9. Research, connections, joining the specialist-related interest groups for your desired field, and doing well on your electives (most important). I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the topic.
  10. Dont know how many people. the 2 yr gpa cutoff is 3.7 and very unlikely to change. They usually play around with the MCAT to cut people, not GPA.
  11. Cut the midlevels and admin too. I grew up in a low SES family. I dont need 100s of thousands of dollars to be happy. It would be “beyond shameful” if Canadians received subpar or no care because we for some reason refused to adapt to the modern realities of the world. I urge you to check how much money world class doctors in France or Germany make. Take emotion out of it, current system is unsustainable.
  12. It took me 3 afternoons but i type extremely fast (140 + wpm) and am generally a decent writer. I would budget about a week of few hours a night for the average person.
  13. No i have not received such an email. I paid the entire first instalment just to be sure, the interest on the 2 grand works out to a couple bucks a year so its not that big of a deal. Hopefully i can deduct the bursary from the second instalment, or better yet get the schulich scholarship. if you do everything on the checklist there is a 0% chance youll be kicked out because of a clerical error on their part.
  14. Yes. Being a family physician in Canada is superior to being one in the US, for a lot of reasons but increasing encroachment and loss of autonomy are some of them.
  15. I dont know if thats something theyll make public but i guess its worth a try. I had heard through the rumour mill that multiple people grade the whole thing and they average their scores. I dont think anyone outside of the adcom knows honestly personally I wouldnt repeat the same activity unless the only other option was leaving it blank. Youre dealing with graders that are, despite all efforts subjective in their evaluations. You never know what someone may think if they see you use the same activity twice. last year the abs said its fine to repeat activities, and as
  16. Agree 100%. You are free to pursue a hard ug, but know that to achieve the same gpa, youd have to work 3-4x as hard as someone in something like mac health sci, and you would be no more prepared for med school than someone getting the same results with a fraction of the effort. There is no nobility in needless sacrifice, not for premeds (or anyone really)
  17. Waaaat. Do a lot of people feel this way? I was kinda thinking of being with someone from medicine so we could understand eachother better.
  18. Your gpa is not going to make or break your app at most schools past meeting cutoffs. For toronto, you will have no problem getting in with good essays, ecs and a good interview. My advice to everyone is apply everywhere you meet cutoffs and prereqs. You cant really be selective or self-disqualifying in this environment.
  19. “You miss 100% of the shots you dont take ‘ - Wayne Gretzky’ ‘-Michael Scott’”
  20. 3.79 vs 3.81 is not what makes or breaks an app, its your Ecs and how you present them, and how you interview. Like I said GPA is no longer a point of emphasis in most schools, past cutoffs.
  21. I had 3 academic (profs) LORs, had no problems for Western.
  22. Your chances of getting in on any single year is slim for every applicant in canada. For you I would say apply to every school that you meet the cutoffs and prereqs at, and your chances would be more or less the same as everyone else. Gpa these days is not that important past meeting cutoffs, and your ecs seem unique which is always good
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