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  1. To add on to this, yes it's critical that you go with the right advisor. I've signed up with Scotia and initially I went to a local branch to have a meeting. Within the first 10 minutes it became clear to me that I knew more than the person I was meeting with. Afterwards I looked up the person that deals with medical students at Western for Scotia, and had a meeting with him. Now I've done all of my business though him and my experience has been smooth (his name is Rod for anyone curious) It makes all the difference if your advisor is someone that knows what they're doing, no matte
  2. Pharmacy has the worst job situation amongst the big 4 sought after healthcare fields in Canada (Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Pharmacy). I don't think you should avoid it if it's what you want to do, as they still have a better job market than most other jobs. From what my pharmacist friend tells me, the problem with pharmacy is more being under-employed rather than unemployed, for now atleaast.
  3. Universities don't care what your overall GPA is, they only care about what your GPA is using what ever system they have set up. They don't average your grades if they're not doing a raw cGPA calcualtion. For example, Western would calculate your wGPA using their own system which covers 2 years, for the years that aren't used it makes absolutely 0 difference if your grades were really high or really low when it comes to your application chances. I understand how you're feeling because when we're premeds, we see the schools as these huge institutions with limitless funds that do a t
  4. When it comes to including your old transcript, you have no choice you have to do it, unless you want to act unethically. But almost every school in Canada has some sort of weighting system when it comes to calculating GPA, so it shouldn't affect you at all for those schools. And the fact that it's from another degree means it will impact you even less (some schools don't consider marks from previous degrees for GPA calculations.) Off the top of my head I can think of only one school in Ontario (McMaster) that would even consider the grades, assuming you have had a full course load
  5. You take 30 credit hours per academic year from September - April (5 courses a semester at uWaterloo for example, coming to 10 courses a year). These all have to be full 0.5 credit courses (or 3 hour courses for Western's system.) You can take 2 pass/fail courses during the academic year maximum. They will calculate your GPA based on the courses that are not pass/fail. I would email the office any way to double check as rules may change at any point.
  6. ha I wish. Though I am a pepper / hot sauce enthusiast at the peril of my skin.
  7. Well I disagree that supply side economics is the best way to balance an economy, I actually think it's one of the worst ways. Also you can't have a supply-demand model dictating your healthcare because if you are sick, there is no limit on how much you are willing to pay to not be sick. Unfortunately healthcare is not well regulated in the States (for now) which leads to us almost being held hostage with what we can do in Canada. Any way now we are really getting off track so i'll leave it there.
  8. He asked if he'll be alright so I wanted to let him know he will be, ha. Anyone who enjoys being a medical doctor and practices in North America will be more than fine financially. Medicine is tricky because physician income is not 100% tied directly to the market. If Canada wasn't bordering the States, physician income wouldn't be tied to the market at all, such as is the case in all of Europe and the rest of the industrialized world. But alas, we do border the States, which is why people still complain about being paid "only" 200K+, and how they'd be making millions if they went
  9. don't sweat too much about this stuff. Lots of people with zero research get into medical school (such as myself). If you work a summer retail job, it can get you just as many points, if not more than a 1st author publication in a respected journal, depending on how you write the entry. For example, Western has a section for "self directed learning" in their ABS where the majority of applicants put down their research, but for myself I put down competitive chess and a retail job I had which was self-directed. It was probably to my benefit to have unique things put down when the evaluators had
  10. Ya, based on my (light) reading on the subject, it sounds like they have a tape recording of him planting a recording device in a unisex changing room. If he's guilty (very likely at this point) this dude should not be trusted with being a gas station clerk (no disrespect) let alone a medical doctor. Also, it's very likely that he's done this before, this was just the time he got caught. I hope police are doing a deep dive on his hard drive and internet history.
  11. I was making a joke, no hard feelings to OP lol. Most med school students come from a privileged background to I'm glad we have some people from other perspectives. I also come from a poor family though I don't have the financial issues you mentioned with the LOC. Edit: it'll definitely be worth it just from a financial perspective (most of us here are also passionate about the medical science aspect too). I always find it funny that many people in these forums complain about 200-300K salaries, and people seem to think that lawyers / engineers / business students are
  12. Wait people consider 24 to be old I'll be 25 in November so hopefully not
  13. No, I was planning on calling them to ask. The email said the amount would be deducted automatically but my tuition bill is still 25k plus the 1k deposit I already paid...
  14. Lol cases like this demonstrate how spectacularly wrong medical schools are if they think they're doing anything to select for the desired soft skills they're looking for
  15. His medical career is over, surely (would be very confusing if that’s not the case)
  16. I'm using the Scotia LOC and from what I've researched there are no downsides that i can think of (I actually will be using my LOC though). There are some conditions you have to meet to get all the perks, but other than that I don't see why not. You don't have to actually use the LOC to meet any of the conditions. Must be nice to be rich
  17. From the new MCAT in 2015 to the introduction of the ABS, the SWOMEN minimum was 383 in the 3 sections. This year with the ABS it was dropped to 380. In both cases I believe you had to have atleast 125 in each section. I don't know what the data was for SWOMEN in the old-mcat, but I remember for NON-SWOMEN before the new MCAT the cutoffs were 12 in verbal and 11 in BB (might have been the other way around).
  18. Ah ya apply wherewhere you meet the cutoffs then, i’ve never applied for ottawa so didnt know they had a high cutoff like that. definitely apply for western if you meet the gpa and mcat cutoffs (this op does)
  19. wouldn't matter pre-interview, will matter for post-interview rankings. OP you should definitely apply everywhere in Ontario including Ottawa, unless money is a huge factor.
  20. For the Scotiaone promotion, do you guys think that if I setup my capital one credit card on auto pay to be a pre-authorized debit transaction from my Scotia debit account, it would satisfy their requirement for a pre-authorized debit transaction?
  21. Usually in august. at this point almost all of the spots are filled. We might not see any more movement, and if we do it will be one or two because of some emergencies or something unexpected happening to someone accepted.
  22. Ya but what if you’re inside that 20% like this OP might be and get screened because of your ug transcript any way? Seems to me that is a distinct possibility when someone has 3 poor years in their UG which is definitely a red flag if theyre looking for red flags. Then at that point it looks like you shouldnt even bother trying to be within the top 20% for these specialties if youll get screened anyway. I can understand derm but its funny that rads is doing this considering last year they didnt even fill all of their spots in the first round.
  23. I have a friend from uWaterloo attending mcgill and am myself from uWaterloo going to Western. My friend is OOP. His experience was exactly like mine, that is he had to fill out the application and interview, lol.
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