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  1. For the Scotiaone promotion, do you guys think that if I setup my capital one credit card on auto pay to be a pre-authorized debit transaction from my Scotia debit account, it would satisfy their requirement for a pre-authorized debit transaction?
  2. Usually in august. at this point almost all of the spots are filled. We might not see any more movement, and if we do it will be one or two because of some emergencies or something unexpected happening to someone accepted.
  3. Ya but what if you’re inside that 20% like this OP might be and get screened because of your ug transcript any way? Seems to me that is a distinct possibility when someone has 3 poor years in their UG which is definitely a red flag if theyre looking for red flags. Then at that point it looks like you shouldnt even bother trying to be within the top 20% for these specialties if youll get screened anyway. I can understand derm but its funny that rads is doing this considering last year they didnt even fill all of their spots in the first round.
  4. I have a friend from uWaterloo attending mcgill and am myself from uWaterloo going to Western. My friend is OOP. His experience was exactly like mine, that is he had to fill out the application and interview, lol.
  5. From what i’ve seem its around half the rads programs that ask for it, nearly all of the derm programs, and a few of the emergency med programs are starting to ask as well. I wouldnt mind if we could somehow release our med school grades to them if it meant they didnt screen based on ug grades, ha.
  6. No one is going to check your previous submission from another year and compare it to your recent submission lmao. You're really over estimating the amount of resources and care that is dedicated to the medical admissions process. As long as you put in good verifiers you're good.
  7. Can we email her to ask if we're still in the running for it? I remember someone from a previous year saying she would tell you if your status has been considered yet or not.
  8. Can take into september - october. From what ive heard you have a shot if your combined family income is less than 50-60k, otherwise wouldn't hold my breath.
  9. With the Polio and Hep b Vaccines they'll give you a conditional clearance as long as you start them by the due date, no need to complete the whole thing before August 1st. Be forewarned that you may need to get a booster even if you have had the hep B vaccine before (happened to me). Your antibody concentration needs to be higher than 10 mlu/ml. You just get the booster one time and do another blood test to see if your antibody level increased.
  10. It's kind of hard to talk objectively about this issue on a board filled with premeds and medical students. I definitely don't think this system is sustainable, if we're going to continue to offer healthcare to everyone (which we should) then something needs to give. I can't think of any other industrialized nation in the world that pays it's doctors the rates at which we do in North America. I think that's an area that should be looked into more going forward by policy makers, though it's going to be tough when we have to compete with the US system to retain our physicians. It's hard to
  11. From an outside perspective it looks like they're doing this to increase the number of applicants they get. Honestly at this point they might as well remove the MCAT requirement, most people from a science background can write the MCAT without any prior preparation and meet Toronto's cutoffs. But maybe that is the point, who knows. If they're trying to even the playing field more, I think they should head in the direction of what Western is doing with their ABS and score requirements. Western has a section on their ABS where they give some points to people with special life circum
  12. For Scotia gold Amex are you sure it's 5 points per dollar spent? The website says 4 points per dollar spent on eligible gas stations, grocery stores, dining and entertainment, and 1 point each dollar on everything else. Or are they upgrading it to 5 points per dollar in august? Edit: looks like they're changing it in august https://www.scotiabank.com/content/dam/scotiabank/canada/en/documents/personal-banking/AW007111_CJ54869_Gold_AMEX_ENG_WEB.pdf
  13. I don't think my cell phone bill is over $50 unfortunately... But taking over my parents phone bills for a few months can work.
  14. Just so you guys know you do get both credit card promotions as long as you spend enough on each card for scotia what are you guys doing to satisfy 2 of the 3 requirements for the $300 promotion? I have no payroll right now so i have to do 2 pre authorized payments some how. One will be my rent but im having trouble with coming up with the second. can i set up my parents utility payments to be pre authorized in my name for a short period even though the house is in their name?
  15. If true this is just stupid legislation, it has nothing to do with social justice. No need to attack the concept of social justice unnecessarily
  16. Well I don't think being a functioning adult and living home during undergrad to save rent are mutually exclusive. I would still recommend the average person stay close to home unless they're hyper-dependent on their parents. Also our perspectives on this might differ because of cultural differences, which is all good.
  17. Yo I went to Waterloo and I got in. It really doesn't matter where you go to school as long as you do well. For Waterloo, I would recommend Honours Sciences because it's very flexible and allows you to load up on on what ever field of science you're interested in without putting constraints on you. It's a superior program compared to biomedical science for medical admissions, but then again I did biomedical science and I got in, just things would have definitely been easier in Health sciences. I would go to the school that's closest to your home so you can avoid paying rent and sa
  18. Just saw a funny meme and had to share it. When you get accepted into medicine after working towards it for years but have no money, no future direction and a bad case of imposter syndrome:
  19. It makes logical sense that the people most successful within an arbitrary system that selects med students are the ones that can best navigate, or “game” said system. Any admissions process, no matter how you structure it will reflect this. Im not sure if its possible to suggest otherwise unless we just admit everyone and select those with the best personality traits after 4 years before residency? That would be impossible as im sure you can understand. i must say gpa is simply used as nothing more than a cutoff at a lot of schools now, and mcat is as close to an academic equalize
  20. What was your desired specialty and what did you match to, if you don't mind sharing?
  21. I dont think I'd have a problem with biopsies or injections, I didn't have a problem with dissections in undergrad. All these comments were helpful, I don't think I'll have too much trouble as long as I stay away from surgery - not for me unless something changes in medschool.
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